Year on Year Sales & Market Share Charts - January 19, 2019

Xbox One – Down Year-on-Year 20,288 (-8.0%)

Nintendo Switch - Up Year-on-Year 164,068 (21.9%)
Nintendo 3DS – Down Year-on-Year 73,575 (-30.1%)

PlayStation 4 – Down Year-on-Year 105,118 (-11.8%)
PlayStation Vita – Down Year-on-Year 25,151 (-76.9%)

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Geobros10d ago

So this January Switch did it better than PS4, even if PS4 had system sellers for this period.

StormSnooper10d ago

Until the actual numbers come out, and we find out the real numbers.

DJK1NG_Gaming10d ago

Well there will always be those who couldn't get a Switch for Xmas for Smash so that a factor and Switch evergreen millions seller software are still being picked up.

starchild10d ago

Nintendo is doing amazingly well and they're the only one with year on year growth for the month, but they are also earlier in their growth curve than the older PS4 and Xbox One. Not to take away from their success though, because the Switch is selling extremely well by any standard.

Sony has seen a decline in PS4 sales but it's still selling like gangbusters. 2018 was still their second best year in sales. Just an overall huge success. They're sitting pretty at the end of the generation leading into the next.

The Xbox One has seen a decline in sales year on year for January too, but slightly less than the PS4. They're behind but they're still making plenty of money and they've made a lot of changes that bode well for the future.

sprinterboy10d ago

Ps4 = 5 plus years old
Switch = approx 2 years
Its not rocket science. Nintendo would be seriously worried if ps4 was still leading each month with a 5 year old console

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sprinterboy10d ago

I see once Xmas was out the way, Xbox dropped back down to its usual 75/85,000 a week sales? And they say playstation sales dipped pointing to a ps5 launch lol.
Going off that xbox should have been discontinued 4years ago.


Vita sold more than xbox one??

septemberindecember10d ago

No, read the article please. The numbers shown are how much they are down YoY


Thx, that makes more sense