Devil May Cry 5: Capcom almost had Dante 'wield a saxophone', 'use figure skating weapons'

Capcom almost added two more absurd entries into the long line of ridiculous things Dante has used as weapons - but they were sadly scrapped before they could be added into the game.

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Jakens12d ago

I don't mind whatever weapon they add to DMC5. I'll support them as long as the gameplay holds up-which it does.

Pepin12d ago

After playing 6 hours of the game at an event recently, I can tell you that I really do think it might be action game of the gen

It's just so boisterous and bouncy and fun!

chris23512d ago

crapcom games are always hit or miss. in this case i hope it will be a hit. it‘s been a while since the last proper dmc game.

thatguyhayat12d ago

That last one was made by Ninja theory

Pepin12d ago

I think with RE7, RE2(R) and MH:W, Capcom has had a blinder few years!

For me at least, DMCV carries on that trend

ZaWarudo12d ago

Oh DUDE I would've loved a Saxophone weapon!