Microsoft is handing out the original Crackdown for free

To celebrate the release of Crackdown 3, Microsoft has made the original Xbox 360 game free on Xbox One with no strings attached.

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Yi-Long11d ago

Passed on Crackdown on original Xbox when they forced ads into the game, which meant when you played the game here in Holland, you'd jump through the city and see billboards of a local rendition of Mama Mia (or whatever) playing in the theatres, which is the kind of advertising crap that will pull you completely out of the experience...

Such an awful way to completely sabotage your own game. I know i wasn't the only one skipping it for that reason.

TacoTaco11d ago

I had no idea ads were in there and I collected every single orb when I played. I searched the web and the first forum thread I found was someone thinking they were cool lol, from 11 years ago.

So yeah... I still can't remember. They definitely weren't obtrusive, "completely sabotage" is hyperbole.

AnthonyDavis11d ago

Lol at Darthv72 (bottom)

It may very well be a Xbox game going by the graphics of that game. Crackdown 3 looks like a 360 game.

darthv7211d ago

Cool story bro... especially sine CD1 was on 360 not the original xbox.

I kid, I kid.

annoyedgamer11d ago

I never saw those ads..

Maybe they were localized to Holland?

xHeavYx11d ago

What? How does something like that bother you???

Sophisticated_Chap11d ago

In Burnout Paradise they had Burger King billboards, and Visio billboards, and it was fine. I would rather companies do that, than fill a game full of micro-transactions. Not to mention, I actually liked looking at the BK billboards, because the Wopper looks so damn good. I was actually disappointed that they took them out for Burnout Paradise Remastered.

Yi-Long11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I think modern day ads in a modern day setting is fine/acceptable. It will not look out of place (unless those ads are localized, meaning you'd play GTA or Watch Dogs, and suddenly you'd see billboards with a local product in your local language).

The problem in Crackdown was that you were jumping through this FUTURISTIC American city, and you'd see a DUTCH billboard advertising a modern-day Dutch Musical.

That's like playing The Witcher and then seeing them drink cans of Coca Cola or something. Or playing Mass Effect and seeing an ad for tonight's broadcast of Jimmy Fallon.

Profchaos11d ago

Crazy taxi had KFC, maccas, interscope records and way more it's nothing new really

Sophisticated_Chap10d ago

I remember playing FEAR, and seeing Dell XPX computers throughout all of the office spaces. Believe it or not, it made me interested in looking at XPS, and I eventually bought an XPS 9000. Some stuff is harmless, but I see what you are saying about the theme of a game and a Coca-Cola add or something.

Profchaos11d ago

I really don't think that was in the Australian version there's also a very high chance I could have been playing offline some of the time but still

Profchaos11d ago

Wow you're right I never knew this I'm glad this trend didn't stick.

On a side note I wonder what is on the billboard if I play today

ActualWhiteMan10d ago

Your comment made me facepalm. LGBTQ fantasy characters makes me want to avoid games. But ads, you just sound ridiculous.

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AK9111d ago

Great to see, in case you've never played this game its a treat just play this instead of playing Crackdown 3.

ArchangelMike11d ago

I know Crackdown 3 looks bad, but it can't possibly be so bad.

NXFather11d ago

Even though its trash it is so different to the other big games like destiny, anthem, bo4, bf4, pugb, fortnite that it may still be worth giving a spin in coop with friend or family.

darthv7211d ago

I have to play it myself before I can truly judge it but preliminary views are CD3 looks like a big upgrade over the previous two. If the fun factor is there like the first then I'm sure to enjoy it.

RacerX11d ago

I'm thinking CD3 graphics are so bad, they released CD1 to get our eyes used to those old graphics, LOL.

StormSnooper11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I don’t think Crackdown 3 will be bad, I just wish it was better. Having said that first Crackdown was great. So I’m looking forward to CD3 (soon as I can) Fingers crossed.

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King_Noctis11d ago

Why play an old game instead of a new an improved sequel?

But in this case, Xbox owners don’t have to choose. They can just play both.

Baza11d ago

What’s the point of this? This will be at the expense of Crackdown 3. Why bothering getting Crackdown 3 when Crackdown 1 is essentially the same game and experience. Dumb.

Femto11d ago

Imagine complaining about getting free shit.

StifflerK11d ago

My guess is that it's to counter some of the negative press we've seen in the previews, people can try it out themselves and see that the core gameplay works fine and is fun.
I think that's the same reason why Insiders are getting early access to Wrecking Zone tomorrow.
I haven't played CD3 yet, but I can tell from the videos that it offers a lot more than what CD1 does.

starchild11d ago

Maybe it's also to help people realize how much better the new one looks compared to the last gen one.

tontontam011d ago

Bad decision xbox live player base is so low, now that this is free a few thousands of players will be reconsidering their purchase, they'll just play crackdown 1.

PrematuaProcrastin8a10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I have never read such absolute bollocks. The Xbox live player base is not "low". And crackdown 1 has been on xblg b4. I swear, do you guys even think b4 you attempt to troll? You do realise gamepass has been an unqualified success due in no small part to ms putting their exclusives as well as hit multiplatform games on the service? Just because you can't afford both consoles, it doesn't mean you have to trash any game released on the 1 you can't afford to own.i just finished playing the sublime god of war and Spiderman on my PS4 pro, but every multiplatform game gets played on my x1x, and every great Xbox exclusive does too. Save up, maybe you will be able partake in all gaming has to offer. Or maybe your parents will get you 1 if your good. Smh.😂

King_Noctis11d ago

“Why bothering getting Crackdown 3 when Crackdown 1 is essentially the same game and experience. Dumb.”

I doubt you even watch a bit of CD3’s trailer or gameplay.

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NarutoFox11d ago

I wouldn't say that here. You know fanboys are sensitive 😁

obidanshinobi10d ago

Tell me about it, you can't criticise Sony at all on this site unless you want a million downvotes and loads of replies explaining how you're wrong and an idiot.
You were thinking of the Sony fanboys right? :D

thexmanone10d ago

If you can`t find something to play you need a new hobby

pwnmaster300011d ago

I remember playing crackdown at a friends house before, it was nothing special, didn’t even bother buying it for my Xbox. Honestly idk why Microsoft is focusing on this game so much. I rather have them work on fable or lost odyssey or shit maybe bring back scalebound.

NXFather11d ago

You know its cuz they're dumb.

sprinterboy11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I know it's not like it was that popular on past xboxes was it? Hasn't the series sold like 2m across 2 games or something?
Edit: 2.95m just checked

Dragonscale11d ago

They're focusing on it so much because 5 years in development is a helluva lot of cash to have it fail even though the game looks meh tbh.

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