Early Anthem Roadmap Outlined, First Event Happens in March and Here's What's in It

Our first look at the Anthem roadmap is here! First event is called Echoes of Reality and starts in March! Will include a new Stronghold mission, new rewards, new progression and more.

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Lord_Belasco10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

The demo has excruciatingly long load times, the visuals are average at best, the UI is obtrusive and confusing during gun play and the frame rate made me physically ill . All in all another EA dumpster fire.

excaliburps10d ago

BioWare has said that there's a lot of the bugs already fixed since the demo is like six weeks old or something.

Michiel198910d ago

@excaliburps as if we havent heard that before. A company would never admit to this state of the game 2 weeks before release, thats shooting yourself in the foot. From what we have seen the game is in the state that the demo was, i dont really care what their pr guys say cause its most likely only half true. Let the game speak for itself on release, for the better or worse.

DaveZero10d ago

I was really annoyed by the load times and add the that the crashing, I just can't be bothered with it.

It seems like they just threw it out there without any thought on what bad things could happen. I know a demo is sposed to bring all the bad to the surface to the developers can fix it, however for me it was all but unplayable. I managed to get on once and in my time on it I experienced bad load times, elastic banding and them crashed.

Nitrowolf210d ago

Did you try it during the vip or after? I’ll admit it was super bad in the VIP demo but the patch fixed the loading for me and some of the FPS.

I’m cautious cause I enjoyed the gameplay but everything else obviously needs work

yomfweeee10d ago

Demos aren't supposed to be for finding bugs, that is what beta is for. They should have had this crap fixed already.