This Is Anthem Trailer And Screens

A brand new Anthem trailer and screens have dropped and they look amazing and shows gamers a look at the Endgame.

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Garethvk10d ago

Have you actually played it?

Dissidia10d ago

Most likely not. A lot of people on here seem to see an Anthem article and click just to comment negatively

Erolyn10d ago

Yup I have. Was really looking forward to it, but it's been a long time since I played a more boring game. A shame really, because it looks beautiful.

Garethvk10d ago

Ok, so what exactly bored you/? My issues was that the menu screens on the PC version were a pain to navigate at times, the framerate was laggy in the Fort, and the combat seemed like a hybrid of Destiny, Titanfall, and Warframe. But when in a group it was fun as we actually had a mix of people who ended up in a combat situation with one another. Nobody formally teamed up but we stayed with each other and two of us made it to the big Boss. So while it does need work, and I am not sure it is ideal long term for Solo play; it does work well as a group experience.

Obscure_Observer10d ago


"Yup I have. Was really looking forward to it, but it's been a long time since I played a more boring game."

I doubt that you or anyone which claims that Anthem is boring, actually played the game. If you had tried to complete any mission on hard difficult, specially the Fortress assault mission, you would find Anthem anything but boring.

Try again.

Garethvk10d ago

Obscure_Observer I think for some people it is a matter of perception. They play the game or see it and think it is a Destiny clone. The gameplay and visuals do tend to make some think of other games and may make people say oh, this looks dull or I have seen this before.

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pyroxxx10d ago

It is ok,.. but nothing really blew my mind,.. Actually think Destiny's shooting mechanics are superior by a fair margin,.. I prefer 3rd person shooters in general,.. but this really does not feel all that great.