Has Call of Duty Become a Little TOO Exclusive

Activision gets cozy with companies when it comes to games. There have been Call of Duty exclusivity arrangements for a while now. Call of Duty: Black Ops III was something of a cut-off point, with games before it having DLC as timed exclusives on Microsoft consoles before that and games after it being BFFs with Sony systems. Which isn't exactly great, but people grudgingly accept it. But with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Activision may have crossed a line and gone a little too far with its timed promotions. It all has to do with League Play.

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DaniMacYo10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Personally since Black Ops 3 now in 4 I can’t stand dlc guns and weapons locked away in that stupid black market. The season pass is complete crap now you constantly grind away at tier unlocks and the weapons are miles away from getting unlocked that they hope you buy the tiers. It’s so sad what’s become of COD in recent years. Because of this practice I have lost interest in playing the game. DLC weapons should be in the season pass with maps like Battlefield used to do.

Ciporta198010d ago

Funny how it wasn't a problem during the Xbox times exclusive days.

CaptainCook10d ago

League Play, skins and weapons weren't locked behind exclusive DLC deal on Microsoft console. Huge difference

Ciporta198010d ago (Edited 10d ago )

That's coz they didn't exist back then. What a stupid comment. In fact this time round it's only a week but it was a whole month when it was Xbox. Nice try though

TheUndertaker8510d ago (Edited 10d ago )

“That's coz they didn't exist back then. What a stupid comment.”

Yeah, very stupid. Talking about content from a one to one perspective since you in fact introduced the argument of “Funny how it wasn't a problem during the Xbox times exclusive days.” while proceeding to shift blame to Microsoft for something Sony is doing. Currently. Like right now.

The stupid comment was yours to begin with. You label a stupid practice that Microsoft did prior then avoid the fact that again, Sony is doing it. Right now. The exact same thing.

Xb1ps410d ago

Typical tit for tat answere. Now next gen it will be wasnt a problem during ps days..

Ciporta198010d ago

Not tit for that at all I think it's a stupid practice that is actually a complete waste of money. Money that's better spent elsewhere. That doesn't change the fact it's only become a problem this gen the gen of ms is an angel and Sony is the devil.

Kaii10d ago

Steps on how to treat the consumers right,
*Remove season pass
*Dedicated servers
*Monthly road map

Wish sony didn't spend money on this exclusive shit, It's bad overall for all gamers.

Xb1ps410d ago

I cant remember the last cod game I played, I think it was the one when they ripped off titanfall with the wall running stuff?! But good God they still dont have dedicated servers? for a game that sells so well for so long youd think they would have dedicated servers

Xb1ps410d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I never really had huge problems with cod like a lot of ppl except the unlocking of stuff like gun skins etc.. too much of a grind fest turned me off. 50 head shots for this skin was fun 100 head shots for this add on felt good then 300 for this other one got boring and rinse and repeat for all the other weapons just turned me off.

Anyway on topic. It is what it is with the back and forth. Wouldnt be surprised if next gen it's back to ms

stefan_77110d ago

Cod hasnt been great in years. Advanced Warfare was the last one i liked. Havent started ww2 yet though