Anthem Endgame Showcased in Trailer, BioWare Promises More Stories, & Missions Post-Launch

BioWare showcases the Anthem endgame in this latest trailer! Promises more stories, characters and missions post-launch! Check out the official Anthem endgame list of activities straight from EA!

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ArchangelMike11d ago

I don't know man. It looks promising and all, but buying a loot-grind-shooter day 1 just seems like a bad idea. I'm also gettign fed up with that rinse repeat gameplay loop of playing the same missions over and over and over just to farm for the next disposable item.

I think I'll wait this one out, at least for the first month or so.

Oathbreaker11d ago

that would be the smart thing to do. I would wait at least a month for the potential issues that await to be resolved. That's what I'm gonna do. I like the game so I'll be getting it, just not on day one.

AngelicIceDiamond11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

[email protected] I think we need to be a little realistic here. Are you by any chance one of those over achiever completionist/ hardcore looter shooter fans that 100% the game the first several days after release? If so then you can't complain about a game lacking content, Im personally sick of die hard looter shooter fans blowing through content then go on reddit to complain about how there games lacks content. When in reality there game may not be filled to the brim with content, but enough to satisify a player who logs on regularly. A hardcore player who plays allot but still has a life outside of the game. A completionist does what he or she does for the sake of bragging rights, like its a sport to be the first one to finish everything in the game not really fully enjoy the product, not even journalists do that. But complain later to the devs, these gamers cant be satisfied and the devs know it therefore theres not much they can do about it. If you're not a day one looter shooter completionist then what exactly is the issue? Again lets be honest there is enough here to keep you goin for a little bit. Repeating the same Strongholds or strikes as long as we're getting rewarded for it. With good loot to keep us going and playing. Not saying play the same thing several weeks or months on end, but good loot and treasure keeps me invested even if I am doing the same type of content.

I remember Destiny 2014 was slammed for not rewarding us enough for the amount of grinding we did. So the loot cave was discovered. Here we have gamer doing the same thing everyday just to get something good, doing the same thing has nothing never stopped most gamers. Lets go back to the original co op looter shooter nearly 10 years ago. Borderlands 1 or 2. Point is I doubt you'll blow through the content that quickly, unless you're one of those die hard looter shooter completionists.

In fact I want to see Destiny 2014 compared to Anthems day one content.

ArchangelMike11d ago

You misunderstand me - I just don't have the patience for endless loot grind. I would be the guy that plays through Anthem for the story. I find it interesting that both The Division 2 and Anthem are placing an emphasis on the end game. I guess they're trying to appeal to gamers like myself who are quickly getting bored of the infinite grind loop.

excaliburps10d ago

Nothing wrong with that, I think. There is no penalty for not being one of the first. :)

Nitrowolf210d ago

Yeah from what they’ve shown and said idk how much content the game will have. Sounds tiny, do we even know how long the main campaign will take?

Hungryalpaca10d ago

From what I played on both demos, I got bored quick. Each omission followed the exact same structure.

Fun movement and cool customization don’t save it from the boring loop.

Plus the stronghold...we beat it in 30 minutes. If there’s only 3 of those....

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Any free content is likely just content that they either stripped from the game or didn't have a chance to finish due to being rushed. Once the base game released as "free updates" I'm sure the micros and dlc pricing will hit hard.

excaliburps10d ago

Wow! That's one skeptical way of thinking. So everything that they release post-launch is already finished? Yeah, I doubt that.


I'd be happy to be proven wrong. I want this to be a great game I just felt like it was very unpolished during the demo.

Hungryalpaca10d ago

This appears to be the case with most EA games though...