Media Create sales (1/28/19 – 2/3/19)

The latest Japanese hardware sales from Media Create are as follows:

Switch – 69,472
PS4 – 15,074
PS4 Pro – 10,540
New 2DS LL – 3,622
Vita – 1,521
New 3DS LL – 1,188
2DS – 104
Xbox One X – 86
Xbox One – 17

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Neonridr11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Switch hardware sales up.. PS4 hardware sales down by almost 50%. So much for KH3 making a huge impact. What's the next game we will say is going to help move hardware for Sony in Japan?

Nyxus11d ago

But KH3 did move hardware, just look at last week.

Neonridr11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

it moved an additional 25k units? Stop the presses.

DJK1NG_Gaming11d ago

For one week yeah it was very good boost. The only game that had a month boost for PS4 in Japan was Monster Hunter World. That not going to happen ever again from here.

Nyxus11d ago

@ Neonridr: during the week KH3 released the PS4 outsold the Switch in Japan, which is pretty rare. This was clearly an effect of KH3 releasing. To say the game didn't move hardware is to ignore reality.

Neonridr11d ago

@Nyxus - I was just always told "Look how many units will move when KH3 releases, or Monster Hunter, etc, etc." And then those days come and it's like a blip on the radar. Switch doesn't have anything new and it's outselling the PS4 by 3:1. PS4 has KH3 and RE2 (which have both sold well mind you) but the effect on the hardware is minimal. You say I ignore reality by saying it didn't move hardware, while I say you live in a fantasy world if you think that the moves it made were of any significance.

just an observation I guess.

Nyxus11d ago

@ Neonridr: What are you even talking about? All I did was respond to your claim that KH3 did not sell hardware, which was blatantly false. I never denied that the Switch is outselling the PS4 on a weekly basis and that it will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. But that does not change the fact that in the week of KH3's release, the PS4 hardware sales saw a significant rise compared to the week before and the week after it, even outselling the Switch for that week, ergo, KH3 sold hardware.

_SilverHawk_11d ago

Sony shipped 94 million ps4 worldwide as of December 2018. Isn't the Nintendo switch 3 million short of Nintendo's prediction

eagle2111d ago


We are not disputing that, it's just that last week PS4 barely outsold Switch...we are talking like 100 units

Nyxus11d ago

All I said was that the PS4 hardware sales did see a boost when KH3 released. That's all. Seems like I hit a nerve, not sure why.

TK-5511d ago (Edited 11d ago )


No one is denying it shipped units but debating the effectiveness of the title as a system seller. It released on the same day as the RE2 remake so you can't even attribute the sales to KH3 alone. Meanwhile the Switch has zero new high profile releases and is still selling strong.

KH3 was highly anticipated since the beginning of the generation so you'd expect it to have had a bit more staying power than just one week.

Neonridr10d ago

@Nyxus - I wasn't trying to come off as rude or pompous, my apologies there my friend. Just found it a little ironic when so many people said "wait for game X.." and then game X comes along and it barely moves the needle.

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ZeekQuattro11d ago

If KH3 and RE 2 had such little impact I can't imagine another game fairing much better at this stage of the PS4's life in Japan. Nothing short of another MH game will bring about a significant bump that won't fad in a week.

Knushwood Butt10d ago

PS4 has a fairly solid lineup of games for Q1 and Q2.

Switch has a few multiplats lined up, but they'll get overshadowed by the first party offerings.

Switch hardware is selling very well and PS4 will not match it because it doesn't have the 'hype'.

King_Noctis10d ago

Seikiro maybe move some hardware, although it might be a long while for PS4 to be able to outsell the Switch again, if ever.

badz14910d ago (Edited 10d ago )

The Switch is bound to dominate Japan for its portability. Sony knew this and since the release of Switch, the PS4 is on cruise control in Japan while Sony focusing on WW where their presence is bigger. so despite losing Japan badly, they still managed to widen the gap to the Switch.

the PS4 will have a spike every once in a while when a big game hits but that's about it, it's not gonna outsell the Switch. but the effect of RE2 and KH3 in Japan are still very disappointing IMO. but luckily those games do well outside Japan to at least make Capcom and SE happy. but if those games are available on the Switch too, it will definitely be the best selling versions at least in Japan, no doubt. it might even entice SE and Capcom to go exclusive to Nintendo for a while like they did during the PS2 days with the RE series. I think the only reason the PS4 is getting all these games which is pushing graphics for Japan is because the Wii U flopped.

Sony need to keep their WW momentum and market these Japanese games to sell better on the PS4 outside Japan to keep them happy. and they are doing alright at it. it's very important too for non-japanese gamers because once the PS4 slip-up and these games aren't selling well on the PS4 due to lack of marketing or something, they will go to Switch. it's selling just as good as the PS4 but the development cost is cheaper due to the low spec and all. but they don't care about that! they just want to sell copies!

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DJK1NG_Gaming11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Well that short lived boost for the PS4.
I kinda expected that but yeah. Switch weekly sales will likely be between 50k-70k from here. But when Pokemon and Animal Crossing drops it would probably do 70k-100k weekly.

I am sure Nintendo will send a lot of stocks for retailers.

The Switch is now 530,774 units behind the PS4. Last week it was 575,000.

eagle2111d ago

It won't take long. I actually expect major boosts in Switch hardware when the Final Fantasy games arrive. I know they are not new games but stranger things have happened. :)

Moonman11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I expect around 1 Million software units sold the first week (including digital) for Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch. New Leaf sold 800,000 software units week one (including digital) on 3DS. Then Pokemon is going to obliterate. Switch will top its own holiday hardware sales from last year in Japan.

DJK1NG_Gaming11d ago

Animal Crossing might do more.
Considering Smash Ultimate sales being record high.
It depends on the marketing and how much it improved on New Leaf.

Servbot4110d ago

Animal Crossing will probably triple Switch sales if not more. They are still buying New Leaf over there they love the series that much.

darthv7211d ago

Everyone looking at PS4 and Switch and I over here looking at the xbo X is selling 5x's better than the base model.

Impressive, even for JP.

Ricegum10d ago

Haha. 86 units. I laughed so much, surely you can't be serious.

rainslacker10d ago

LOL. Nice silver lining there.:)

At least in Japan, the X1X is outselling the base hardware. I guess power matters over there.:)

PhoenixUp11d ago

PS4 can only get short boosts. Not even DQXI, FFXV, MHW, KH3 & RE2 help keep PS4’s baseline sales higher weeks after they release