Famitsu review scores (2/5/19)

This week's Famitsu reviews include a near-perfect Kingdom Hearts III score, the first verdict for Catherine: Full Body, and more.

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LG_Fox_Brazil11d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4/XBO) – 10/10/9/10
Catherine Full Body (PS4/PSV) – 9/8/8/8
Kiniro no Corda Octave (NSW/PSV) – 7/8/8/8
Victor Vran: Overkill Edition (NSW/PS4) – 8888

Damn Kingdom Hearts... Well played... well played

SegaSaturn66911d ago

im surprised it beat out catherine so heavily.

Fritzwochel11d ago

The moral of the story is
Devs with little talent can easily amuse
Idiots with a stupid puppet show

That's why this video always gets a 10/10