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Gears of War 2's 'Seriously' achievement already unlocked

OXM UK reports that players who have acquired Gears of War 2 ahead of its release date have already unlocked the 'Seriously 2.0' achievement.

'Seriously...' was a notoriously tough achievement in Gears of War but the revamped 'Seriously 2.0' is proving to be much easier to unlock.

OXM UK also reveals the easiest way to attain this achievement and confirms that there is NO gamerpic reward for unlocking the 'Seriously 2.0' achievement. (Gears of War 2, Xbox 360)

Fishy Fingers  +   2407d ago
Estimate 24 hours playtime? That's around the same as hitting prestige in COD4, that's ridiculously easy, or should that be "seriously" easy 2.0.
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XSUP3R DRAKENX  +   2406d ago
thats right... and trust me... achievements wont even cross your mind when playing this game!!!!
Tmac  +   2407d ago
Rhythmattic  +   2407d ago
It seems its not more BAD-ASS, but SOFT-ASS

Footnote. Be still good fun though.........
Bengoshi-San  +   2407d ago
All these players have bootleg copies on modded 360's.

These aren't real gamers. They're living off of the support that other gamers who pay for their games are giving the software developers.

Shame on pirates. Bastards.
caliblue15  +   2407d ago
Not all are pirates, it has been leaked early in hard copies as well..
Isaac  +   2407d ago
Seriously 1.5
solidsnakus  +   2407d ago
its alot easier than the first games, so its seriously 0.5
xkarxfreddy  +   2407d ago
seriously 2.0
aye it will b easy 2 get if u keep playn da last level 2 get it lak a noob!!:P try and get seriously 2.0 by only playn mulitplayer and c if u can get it in 24 hours!
Max Power  +   2407d ago
how much time....
did you seriously save by using numbers and letters as words? by my count you only saved yourself 13 keystrokes
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Amsterdaam  +   2406d ago
2 Legit, 2 Legit 2 Quit

Heeey Heeeeeeeeeeeeeyy
PatchMe360  +   2407d ago
How do people do this? Man whats the point of even buying now. I hate that certain people get to expirence stuff before others. Not fair!
GWAVE  +   2407d ago
I'm starting to wonder if 360 gamers care more about their gamerscore than actually playing worthwhile, bug-free games...
shutupandplay  +   2406d ago
I am starting to wonder if ps3 fanboys even play video games at all. Its sad, their console has flat out SUCKED for so long, that being bored is second nature for them.
FBl  +   2407d ago
You 'Seriously' played through our failure?
a1s1d  +   2406d ago
its not easy
its not that easy
i have been playing the game for 4 days and i only killed 2.500\100.000
and i now the gamer ho got the achievement he is one of the arabic gamers in the middle east
but i cant tell his gamertag
Radiodread  +   2406d ago
I'm starting to wonder
why only ps3 fanboys post in 360 articles all the time now. You people are so damn pathetic. What are you trying to prove and to who? no one's seeing you dumbsh!t comments, except unfortunately for me. My IQ is dropping as we speak looking at your retarded posts. Post something intelligent for once, morons, but then again your spawn of rats so the IQ level isn't that high up. Understandable, rats.
mrdxpr   2406d ago | Spam
zethos56  +   2406d ago
I knew Seriously 2.0 would be easy but these guys must have no life. You would need to have played through SP a ton of times to get it.

Edit: You can get it by playing the last mission over and over again? Sounds like an epic mission if you can get 100 kills a minute.
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Sarah Palin  +   2406d ago
Zethos Nailed It.
These kids DL'd a copy b/c they dont have jobs, which is why they have no money for the game.
If they had lives, jobs, gfs, etc. they wouldnt have had time for this sh*t.
VVV Carbon  +   2406d ago
Im the guy
Hey guys I just want to let you all know that I'm the guy with that achievement.

I also want to say that I DO have a life lol

My girlfriend was away for a couple of days and just thought it would be cool to get it and see really how hard it would be to achieve.

It wasnt hard just time consuming and very boring, and very annoying when I didn't even get a picture

thanks again guys :)
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2406d ago
Then tell us how did you get the game early?

Right now all signs point to pirate!
silverchode  +   2406d ago
FBl  +   2406d ago
I hear this achievement is locking up 360s
Arsenic13  +   2406d ago
Ok dude honestly. What do you do when your not home? Do you even have a job, REAL friends? Do you rush home to play your PS3 for 2 hours then come to N4G and spam 360 articles? Look at your life! Its pathetic.
The playa  +   2406d ago
The ps3 fantards like FBI have finished watching their interactive movie AKA MGS4 and have nothing better to do with their time but spam 360 news. Its a shame really i feel sorry for them.
Arsenic13  +   2406d ago
Bashing the PS3 is just as low. These are electronics for f**k sakes, ppl have preferences but b*tching about how one is bad or how yours is better is just idiotic.
The playa  +   2406d ago
Im not bashing the console im just bashing the lack of decent games (imo) im entititled to my opinion.
livespawn  +   2406d ago
you do know that you out weight them like 3:1 on this site.
livespawn  +   2406d ago
i hear you moms still locked up from my previous visit.
PotNoodle  +   2406d ago
FBI is a bot with pre-programmed comments. Stop trying to reply to him.
FBl  +   2406d ago
Did you 'seriously' spend $60 for our trash?
Truplaya  +   2406d ago
1. All gaming pirates should be banned from XBL for life

2. Why take all thefun out of a game by playing the last level over and over just for an acheivement.

3. Is it really an acheivement if you replay a level over and over before anyone else can? - Its not an acheivement, its just sad. I pity the person who did this as they must have NO life. (i dont take that guy above BS about it). No one with a life would bother trying to get a modded xbox, a pirate copy of a game then play it for 24 hours.
zonetrooper5  +   2406d ago
Epic already stated that they wanted to make the achivements easier and linked together, so every kill counts whether its in SP, MP, Horde, Co-op etc so them kills will add up.
livespawn  +   2405d ago
wow man i don't think i can go on A thread without seeing you here :/
VVV Carbon  +   2405d ago
my tags (b Carbon) if you dont believe me
MmegaLam0rX  +   2397d ago
Seriously pirated achievement whore with a ratio of 2.0

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