Crackdown 3 Launch Trailer Revealed

During the February 2019 episode of Inside Xbox, the launch trailer for Crackdown 3 was revealed.

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AnthonyDavis12d ago

That’s how crackdown should have looked like on the Xbox 360

DaDrunkenJester12d ago

I don't think the 360 can handle 4k and the farther draw distance.

Obscure_Observer12d ago

Fun times ahead! Can´t wait to play Crackdown 3 as Terry Crews! Whoooo! XD

DaDrunkenJester12d ago

Yeah I love the backflip in the car that drives up the building and then transforms into a tank. That is going to be crazy. Imagine some of the racing challenges with that car driving up buildings and such

Kribwalker12d ago

it does. If it plays like Crackdown one, it will be fun

Vasto12d ago

I will be playing Feb 15th with Xbox Game Pass!

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The story is too old to be commented.