Someone Please Revive These 7 Survival Horror Franchises From the Dead like Resident Evil

Capcom modernized the magic of classic survival horror with Resident Evil 2. These 7 other survival horror franchises deserve the same treatment.

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Vhampir12d ago

SE lost the license for Parasite Eve, which is why "The 3rd Birthday" was named as such. It'd be up to Hideaki Sena now.

TricksterArrow12d ago

They seem to have gotten it back, as they filed naming rights for Parasite Eve in Europe recently.

PhoenixUp12d ago

No mention of Dead Space?

iNcRiMiNaTi12d ago

After EA shut down visceral I think it's better if EA leaves that franchise alone. They already ruined it with DS3 and I don't think they'd care enough to make a good DS game again.

Platformgamer12d ago

give me parasite eve 1 and 2 on ps4 please!!!!!
also, being stretchy, i want a remake of folklore, that game has some horror vibes

Livingthedream12d ago

I always meant to pick up folklore, just never got around to it.

Miss_Vixen12d ago

You should really play the game. Very an underrated title.

Matrix612d ago

Easier said and requested than done, sadness reality.

Fist4achin12d ago

Aya Brea looks hot in that pic! That would be so awesome to bring it back. Square Enix are so knuckleheaded about bringing back some games.

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The story is too old to be commented.