Resident Evil 2 Early Prototype Had First-Person View, Found Hidden In Resident Evil 7 Game Files

Resident Evil 2 is out now and it is a third person shooter, which is good news honestly. What if the game was played in the first person just like Resident Evil 7? Capcom apparently tested it this way early in development.

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Dirty_Lemons44d ago

RE7 in VR is still the absolute best experience I've ever had. Not necessarily the best game, but nothing captured me the way that the Baker Estate did when I was living inside it's world.

Vanfernal43d ago

I agree. I had to play that game in bursts. It got way too intense sometimes. XD

AnthonyDavis43d ago

The right decision is third person. I hope they never do a first person game ever again unless they make it exclusively for VR.

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Blu3_Berry43d ago

It would be awesome if they added this a an option in an update kinda like The Evil Within 2 did. That would make the replayability that much higher.

AK9143d ago

Good thing they stuck with third person it would've been weird not to physically see iconic characters like Leon, Claire, Ada and Sherry in third person.