Mega Man Legends Legacy Collection Should be Capcom's Next Set

After seeing Capcom's 2018 financial report, there's no denying the latest Mega Man content has done well. Let's follow it up with a Mega Man Legends Legacy Collection, yeah?

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SuperSonic9113d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Please pretty please. Just got the PS3 version and it still plays great!
Please Capcom remake this old treasure.

And remake the Powah Stone series too.

PhoenixUp13d ago

I already have all 3 games in the Legends series on my PS3.

It’d be nice if others could play it on modern platforms so more can enjoy them.

I hope Mega Man Zero Legacy Collection becomes a thing on modern consoles

SuperSonic9113d ago (Edited 13d ago )

You have theTron Bonne game?

PhoenixUp13d ago

Yeah it was all on sale on PSN

ZeekQuattro13d ago

That and a battle network collection.

Benjaminkno13d ago

I loved the first one.
It was so well done although I heard it wasn’t originally supposed to be mega man.

The game is one of my all time favorites and made me love the PlayStation

Literal_Cringe13d ago

Would definitely get this collection, of the 3 collections, this is the one I was always interested in.

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