The Division 2 EXCLUSIVE: Yannick Banchereau Interview [Screen Rant]

Screen Rant's exclusive interview with Yannick Banchereau, live content manager on Tom Clancy's The Division 2, about the big changes coming to the sequel.

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Failcube48d ago

@RainOfTerror, changed it but those tags show up as legit in the system. If it's the wrong tag, why does it exist?

RedKnightOH47d ago

Just read the article. Not ONE question about the Clan System and support for larger groups of teams, friends and Clans in general and or how this Clan System will work in D2 in any detail. Sad

If D2 has a complete Clan Support system... my Clan will buy 200+ D2 games at week one. If Clan support sucks... one or two of our members may get the game.... used and on sale. We've waited for H-Hour for years... and it looks like it's dead in the water again for the PS4.

We've had no decent Clan Supported game since SOCOM and Battlefield 3. My PS4 is collecting dust in the closet.