Monster Hunter World Passes 11 Million Units; Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2 to Close Powerful FY

Today, following the publishing of its financial results, Capcom just released the slides for its quarterly presentation, and they included additional interesting info on Monster Hunter: World and more.

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TheOptimist45d ago

Good year for them Wish them all the success.

Sevir45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Looking forward to DMC5

FallenAngel198445d ago

I still can’t believe Monster Hunter: World surpassed 10 million way faster than Final Fantasy XV

InKnight7s45d ago

While I am FF super fan, however, MH: World did great fan service and much better polishing than XV in every way. XV was an alpha of what they promised and showed in trailers(even Demos were much more interesting and entertaining than final product), the former director Tabata made it the most medicore experience than ever expected and all these DLCs (waiting for final DLC which was planned to be another set of DLCs) are unnecessary, we should had get full XV experience because JRPG meant to have full backstories and amazing plots. While MHWorld does really deliver what every MH fans wants in a real console release.

Sirk7x45d ago

Man, the FFXV demos were awesome. That cool city, the room where you were miniaturized, Noctis as a child. Where was all that in the game?

Sevir45d ago

That was going to happen, MH return to powerful consoles was going to be welcomed and highly supported by it's ravenous fanbase. It's no surprise. FFXV had more hype when it was Versus 13.

kevnb45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Final fantasy xv wasn’t really all that great, monster hunter world is. Final fantasy xv has the worst battle system in the entire main series by far.

Gahl1k45d ago

PC has a role in that. The game surpassed 5M digital copies on Steam, and was one of Steam's 2018 Platinum top sellers. FFXV sold between 500k-1M, and was a Silver top seller.

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AspiringProGenji45d ago

21:9 support got me back to it. Now patiently wait for Iceborne while ranking up more.

Great game!

Blu3_Berry45d ago

I'm very happy for Capcom. They are on a roll lately and I hope they continue on that path into the future.

SuperSonic9145d ago

So happy for them too. I am glad they brought their AAA games to PlayStation- where they all were born.

Sirk7x45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Capcom has been around alot longer than that lol. They definitely helped shape the industry back in the NES/SNES days as well, as well as owning arcades. Street Fighter?

quent44d ago

RE was Born from Sweet Home that was a Famicom game, Capcom and Konami dominated console gaming pre -PlayStation

SuperSonic9144d ago

I don't remember NES having 3D polygons. More like Alone in the Dark?


What I know is that Capcom was chained to an exclusivity contract and tried their best to have other developers port their games to non Nintendo platforms like Sega and PC Engine.

locomorales45d ago

I remember Nintendo fans saying that MHW was bound to fail because it was skipping Nintendo hardware.

Neonridr45d ago

there will be other MH games on Nintendo hardware.

AspiringProGenji45d ago

But nor in the same scale as World. The Switch is no powerful enough to handle it

Neonridr45d ago

@AspiringProGenji - maybe not when it comes to world size. Interestingly enough you guys act like Monster Hunter World was so grand, and sure presentation wise it was. But previous 3DS titles have more monsters, classes, etc. Nobody realizes that in terms of content, this latest version is actually trimmed down quite a bit from previous entries. Not trying to take away from the game, I own it on my PS4 and have enjoyed what I have played of it. The next entry on the Switch won't be in the vein of MHW, but that doesn't automatically mean it will be a bad game.

DarkKaine45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

@AspiringProGenji: Every current gen game can run on the Switch, as long as these games were built with the system in mind. Development on World started way before the Switch reveal. When all you're targetting is one platform, there's no need to make things work dynamically. Thus if you want to port it you're suddenly facing tons of issues and you need to rewrite a lot of code to make it all work. Switch is capable of pretty much everything minus the high resolutions, texture quality, draw distance and anti-aliasing at a playable framerate.

AspiringProGenji45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

MHW was made from scratch, while the Switch game is just MH Generations with more content. Don't worry the console version will catch up fast with World XX Ultimate bla bla in true MH fashion

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SuperSonic9145d ago

Nintendo knew that Monhan on PS Vita was the biggest threat to 3DS so yhey struck an offer that was very difficult for Capcom to refuse.
Now its payback time!

Sirk7x45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I love Monster Hunter, especially World. I've beaten every main game since PS2. That being said, one can't act like the 3DS games weren't fantastic, loaded with content, and didn't sell millions of copies each. They are some of the best selling games on the hardware. Capcom and Nintendo have always had a great working relationship as well, and I'm sure they were happy with the sales, and will continue to produce MH (and many other) games on the Switch, considering that there's a HUGE audience that has been used to playing them handheld for years, especially in their home territory. I'm just happy that those games helped them lead to and fund Monster Hunter: World, and that it exists at all, being enjoyed by millions. It's a great franchise wherever it is released, and should be experienced by anyone who loves gaming.
Anyways lol: Go buy MHW and RE2 people! Stellar games.

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