Metro Exodus – Working Conditions, Crunch Culture, Epic Games Exclusivity & Production Process

4A Games didn't know about the Epic Games Store exclusivity deal until E3 2018. Speaking regarding the people responsible for the decision, a 4A Games employee said, "Don't know for sure but definitely a surprise for 4A. But we are just developers. It's publishers business."

More in the article, Pingal Pratyush discusses the working conditions at 4A Games, the studio's crunch culture and the production process of Metro Exodus.

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CP_Company46d ago

They new months before and said nothing. That is foul advertisement.

Adexus46d ago

Should've just announced it then, don't see why they wouldn't.

Relientk7746d ago

Yeah and potential customers weren't informed until like 2 weeks before the game's launch.

Blu3_Berry45d ago

Wow, so if this is true that they knew about this deal since last year in June and decided to keep their mouth shut until the very last minute and pull a switcheroo, then that is utterly shamefull of Deep Silver. They probably waited until last minute before signing so they can get all dem extra sales on Steam before pulling it from the storefront. What a scummy move on their part.

Can't they possibly get a lawsuit for pulling that crap for advertising on somebody else's platform and then pulling it last minute to force them to buy it on the Epic Store? (Since it's literally the only place to buy it on PC now, no other options AT ALL) I feel like that is a real shitty way of them going about this. Honestly I might not even bother getting this at all now. This is a disgusting business practice. They really want to be the worst company of 2019 it seems, even worse then EA and Bethesda.

Shame on you Deep Silver. Shame on you.

sinspirit45d ago

It's so weird when the saying "It can't get any worse" applies to the same topic several times

Blu3_Berry45d ago

Very, we rarely see things like this happen when things get worse and worse.

CP_Company45d ago

No, they are not nothing like EA or Activision or Bethesda. They don't release broken games with microtransactions. Their game is quality. Publisher screw them over.

Blu3_Berry44d ago

That's who I was referring to. The publisher Deep Silver. I never once mentioned the developers in my comment other than the fact they knew about the deal since last e3 2018.