Resident Evil 2 Romero Legacy is Just as Important in the Remake

The Resident Evil 2 Romero connection goes as far back as even Shinji Mikami and the first game, but Capcom's new remake pays tribute to that legacy both directly and aesthetically.

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Hardiman51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

When it was announced Romero was writing and directing the RE movie I was ecstatic! Then when it was announced he was removed I was pissed lol! I think his take(however close to the game it would've been) would have been better than what we got!

I know there are fans of the films but I just think his take would've been better for the material. I'll take George Romero over Paul W S Anderson any day.

I loved Sweet Home and you could see it's DNA throughout the original RE. Anyways RE is an amazing game and it definitely brings the horror back!

CorndogBurglar50d ago

Yeah. Romero's version of the film had some strange choices in it: Chris wasn't a member of STARS, but a farm boy. He was dating Jill who was a member of STARS and was keeping it a secret from Chris. She gets called off in the middle of the night to go investigate the Arklay Mountains. Chris follows her.

But still, overall it sounded much better than what that crap we got with Paul W S Anderson. At least Romero's film was a horror film that mostly took place inside the mansion with Chris, Jill, Wesker, and Barry.

But it shouldn't be surprising. Paul Anderson is a hack. And now he's making Monster Hunter and it's about a team of US Marines (starring Milla Jovovovovovich, of course) that get transported to the Monster Hunter world. So dumb. But hey, just like Resident Evil, people will eat it up and it will end up getting 100 sequels. Hopefully not though. Maybe that lightning only struck because of the popularity of zombies. One can hope...

Hardiman50d ago

Yeah I don't usually pile on but he is a goob! AVP was horrible and with Dark Horse's Aliens vs Predator and Aliens vs Predator War being great stories that would've translated well to screen, I'm still scratching my head about the movie!

PhoenixUp50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I hope the next RE movie is truly terrifying

CorndogBurglar50d ago

Oh man...yeah don't even get me started about AvP. Just the fact it was PG-13 was ridiculous, let alone the cheesiness.

Hardiman50d ago

Yep and like I said there's a plethora of material they could've pulled from and easily knocked it outta the park but no! For one thing the Yautja don't like cold but that's the least of that films problems. The original Predator and even its sequel are amazing films that barely scratched the surface as it pertains to their culture and for some reason it's impossible to deliver a film that reaches those heights if The Predator is anything to go by!

PhoenixUp50d ago

Still strange how people talk about their love of the zombie genre & influences when discussing RE2 Remake but make it a huge point of contention when talking about Days Gone

Hardiman50d ago

Phoenix that's because RE2 is multiplatform. Multiplat games don't see near the amount of "concerned " articles that the others get. This coming from someone who loves the new remake and have completed both scenarios. But I don't recall a single "zombies are boring" or the "genres played out" for RE2 or Dying Light 2 but there has been numerous articles painting Days Gone in an unflattering light.

PhoenixUp50d ago

Not even State of Decay 2 garnered the “zombies are overdone” critique that Days Gone has had. If had other things criticized but it being a zombie game wasn’t one of them in the eyes of the public

Hardiman50d ago

Yup and that just reiterates that M$ pushes an agenda as it pertains to games that aren't on Xbox!