Kingdom Hearts III conquers UK charts with impressive debut week

Square Enix's long-in-development Kingdom Hearts III has topped the UK charts in its first week.

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Elda16d ago

Enjoying the game so far.

SuperSonic9116d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Lemme guess 78% of them got it on PS4 like RE2?

Edit: Good Golly Miss Molly! 82% on PS4. It sold like a PS4 exclusive!
Because of its PlayStation heritage, it's unsurprisingly to discover that 82 per cent of the game's sales came on PS4, with Xbox One accounting for the remainder."

Wow! Pacquiao! Wow!

kevnb16d ago

Even when you open a chest the on screen indicator looks like the PlayStation triangle when playing on Xbox. Still enjoying on the one x, I thought I would support having this game on more platforms.

Mosh-16d ago

Same will happen with Sekiro and DMC5.

SuperSonic9116d ago

3rd party games on PS4 sell like exclusives!


King_Noctis16d ago

The question is, what is GTA V still doing there?

Cris7tiano16d ago

Nice change instead of the usual CoD, FIFA, BF trio.