Sony Celebrates its Taipei Game Show in New "We all Play" Video

Taipei Game Show is becoming more and more relevant among trade shows, and Sony Interactive Entertainment has made a point for years to bring quite a few big PS4 guns there.

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ArchangelMike50d ago

Looks like they all had a really great time (obviously the trailer doesn't show the 2hr long queues before you actually get hands-on). Sony are really getting the word out there, and maintaining that mindshare. Looking forward to Sekiro and Days Gone - btw loving that Days Gone cosplay.

SuperSonic9150d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Glad to see Monster Hunter aworld producer Jun Takeuchi promoting RE2 Remake himself!

Can't wait for Days Gone and Sekiro.
Ken Kutaragi was wise to go the adult gamer route and expanded the video game market from being just a kiddie child's play thing.

Now we have inspiring stories and storytelling from games like God of War ( now playing) and Spiderman for the families to enjoy and learn from.

ILostMyMind50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Go Sony! You have to get them all.