Anthem VIP Demo Discussion: Despite The Botched Launch, The Anthem Demo Showed A Game With Potential

Short Pause: "With Anthem’s first demo weekend in the books, Brent, Ben, and Frankie get together to discuss their first experience with Bioware’s new sci-fi loot shooter. The demo had its fair share of well-documented issues, but after cutting through all of the technical and other assorted issues with the game this weekend, is there a promising game beneath the surface?"

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L7CHAPEL48d ago

Potential is never the problem with almost every EA game.
It's the Execution that's Consistently the

414gamer48d ago

I’d probably give it a chance if they fixed the issues and if division wasn’t right around the corner

PapaBop48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

It's that botched bit though... I tried the demo and while I had a blast playing with friends, I had no desire to continue into my weekend playing, the infinite load glitch ruined it for me. Funny really because they called it the "VIP demo" yet really, the VIPs were nothing but glorified beta testers.