Resident Evil 2 is Another Win for a Resurgent Capcom

Capcom wasn't in a great place as 2016 came to a close. That year was meant to be Street Fighter's triumphant current-generation debut, but sales were sluggish and hardcore fans were pissed at its multitude of technical problems. Elsewhere, Mega Man was dead, Resident Evil was still struggling to recover from the disastrous Resident Evil 6, and Dead Rising 4 and Umbrella Corps were being hammered by critics. It had been that kind of generation.

Since then, though, Capcom has started to turn things around. Monster Hunter: World, Capcom's bestselling game of all time, is celebrating its first anniversary and should remain strong through Iceborne's release this fall. Resident Evil 2 is enjoying critical acclaim and strong sales. Devil May Cry 5 launches in March, marking the return of another fan-favorite franchise.

After a rough start to the PS4/Xbox One era, it feels like Capcom is finally back on track. So what's changed? The answer is pretty simple: classic franchises.

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SuperSonic9152d ago

Yeah. Me and my coworker were discussing this. After Monhan World now RE2!
How about Power Stone 3, Cap?

naruga51d ago

RE 2 =win for Capcom -->obviously... RE 7 was a piece of st that never should have been born

UltraNova51d ago

I really dont understand your hate for RE7 when everyone and their mums have something good to say about it..

HeisenbergX51d ago

UltraNova he's a moron that doesn't understand Resident evil or how the industry works.. it's really sad reading his comments

pietro121251d ago

You're wrong though. RE7 best mainstream RE title since RE3 and CV.

BadElf50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Ultranova , heisenberg .... calm down, friends. Who cares someone doesn t like RE7? So alot of people like it? some people dont...who cares.

You realize there are people out there that dont like Pizza? I think thats a bigger issue

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pietro121250d ago

Those people are monsters! MONSTERS I TELL YA'

Majin-vegeta52d ago

Can I haz new Saturday night slam masters :(

BadElf50d ago

Start talking about zack and wiki 2 ! Tell everyone u know to talk about it as well!

Yi-Long51d ago

I wish they'd outsource the Street Fighter Alpha series to Arc Systems, considering they'd nail that 'anime' look, as well as being more than competent when it comes to releasing fighters with amazing gameplay.

Just picked up Monster Hunter World 2 days ago btw.

4kgk7651d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I don’t want no anime looking street fighter game. Capcom just need give us sf6 full featured on release for ps5 and continuing supporting sf5 until that happens .

pietro121251d ago

That's funny that you say that considering SF3 and Alpha are the two best SF titles.

pietro121251d ago

Has Arc really changed up their gameplay all that much through out the years? Even recent titles like Persona 4 Arena. Dragon Ball Fighter Z still play a lot like GG and BB. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but could that translate well into a Street Fighter title?

pietro121251d ago

No thanks. I love Arc Systems, but I do not want a SF title that plays like Guilty Gears or BlazBlue

Yi-Long51d ago

Why would it play like GG or BB!? It can still play like Alpha 3.

Street Fighter Alpha has ALWAYS had the anime-look. Capcom doesn't seem capable/willing of doing that anymore, while Arc continues to knock that 2D cell-shaded style out of the park.

pietro121250d ago

As said before Arc games don't really differentiate from each other all too much. Low chance of an Arc developed Street Fighter actually playing like Street Fighter.

jbull51d ago

Now hopefully remake the Onimusha series properly, Dino Crisis and of course Nemesis and Code Veronica.

PhoenixUp51d ago

Still can’t forgive Capcom for what they did to Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

“Resident Evil was still struggling to recover from the disastrous Resident Evil 6”

- RE6 still sold very well
- Resident Evil still produced the exceptional Revelations series before and after the release of RE6.
- The remaster of the RE1 remake performed exceptionally well commercially.

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The story is too old to be commented.