Days Gone's Smart Twist on Zombie Enemies

IGN's weekly PlayStation show breaks down why fighting Days Gone's zombie horde is so intriguing. On this week's episode of IGN's weekly PlayStation show, Beyond!, Brian Altano tells host Jonathon Dornbush and Andrew Goldfarb about his time with Days Gone at PAX South. Watch the video above to see why Brian thinks the freaker horde is an intriguing, and intense, take on zombie enemies, and why Freakers actually are a bit distinct from your usual zombie foe.

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nucky6453d ago

this isn't being ignored by me - i'm there day1......looks like great fun!

BLow53d ago

Yes had this pre-ordered back when Amazon still gave 20% off for new releases. I'm good lol.

nucky6453d ago

i didn't get the amazon 20% deal, but i had this preordered after seeing the very first trailer for the game. the first time i saw that freaker horde, i was hooked!

OpenGL53d ago

Same, I have a bunch of games still pre-ordered from when the discount was in effect.