Why the Silent Protagonist Can Be the Loudest of All

We are in an era where games and their stories are deeper than ever. So why, in this day and age, does the silent video game protagonist still work?

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blawren426d ago

This is a well written article. When it works, it works.

-Foxtrot26d ago

Link needs voice acting, they can not develop him as a character until he actually gets invested within the overall story...rather then looking like he's being bitched around, nodding his head like a yes man and not questioning anything people say to him. Plus it could help evolve the dynamic of his and Zelda's relationship

The silent thing is just not working these days, even if it was dialogue boxes it would be something

gangsta_red26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I haven't played the latest Zelda but I am playing DQ 11 and I agree. There's just no real reason why my character shouldn't say anything. At times it just looks silly how everyone is talking, making decisions, moving the story while my character just stands there saying nothing and just the occasional grunts.

As for Link, all I can think of is perhaps the character is so iconic that at this point everyone has their own idea of what he would sound like and any voice Nintendo provides will just be disappointing. But they should definitely give it a try anyways.

-Foxtrot26d ago

Thing is with every new Zelda game showing a different incarnation of Link they can always change the voice actors if the last one didn't do as well.

However it's not just about getting a voice actor it's also about getting a GOOD voice actor because some of the voice acting in BotW was not the best.

Dragon Quest 11 is fantastic but Jesus not giving the main character a voice when he's such a special person to people within in the game its ridiculous. He just nods his head and goes along with anything people have said.

Hardiman26d ago

I think that's a big part of it for sure but he grunts and does make noises and they could just have either that person provide the voice or something similar. It'd just give him more personality.

SegaGamer26d ago

There is only one thing I would change about Dragon Quest, and that is the silent protagonist. It just seems stupid when everybody else in the game can talk.

Vegamyster25d ago

BoTW is hands off in terms of story given Hyrule was pretty much wiped out and Link doesn't remember any thing. They actually give a canon reason why Link is mostly silent/quite in the game and it's surprising serious for a Nintendo game which i won't spoil here, DQ11 doesn't feel right in this regard because it is a much more story intensive game in comparison.

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gangsta_red26d ago

The most ridiculous thing with DQ 11 is


You go back in time to meet your younger self and your younger self has a voice!!

Makes no sense!

-Foxtrot26d ago

LOL. Yeah I totally forgot about that XD

Hardiman26d ago

I've been a Zelda fan since 87 and yeah it's time for Link to have a voice. Maybe one day it'll happen because you could flesh things out so much more. Not that he should be a chatty katty but I think it'd be great.

pietro121225d ago

As much as I loved the last three Persona games that's how I feel about the protagonist as well. I think the non-speaking MC kills the immersion in a way. It's like the main character is just playing second fiddle to the other characters.

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Hardiman26d ago

Dead Space jumps out at me because Isaac was the everyman we could relate to. A blank slate for us to throw our fears onto but in most instances where there's a narrative it's good for the protagonist to have a voice. Link springs to mind.

cha0sknightmare25d ago

I really felt disconnected from Link in BOTW. It's one of my only critiques.

jaymacx25d ago

I Truly understand what the article is suggesting. I still feel Nintendo and other companies need to take a chance and try to give us a fully voiced Zelda, Mario, Dragon Quest, and Persona games etc. Personally I don't want the character to be me. That's why I play games to enjoy a world not like my own. Look at Spider-Man. Most fans relate well with the character and he talks a lot. They should try doing it for one game and use great voice talent. Then see how fans react to the addition.
Good voice acting also would require great writing. Nintendo would need to up their skills in story telling.