GOG has just kicked-off their hot sale campaign - Tons of awesome deals awaits you

GOG has just kicked-off their hot sale campaign hot sale campaign. So that means that you could pick up some really awesome games at a really good price via GOG right now (like "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY", for example).

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FalloutWanderer207727d ago

GOG has had some great sales recently. I definitely recommend gamers on PC to check it out, and they offer more modern games now than ever if you're not a big fan of older games. If you are someone who enjoys the classics/old-school games, GOG is the best digital store out there with great support, lots of extras and regional pricing.

TGG_overlord27d ago

I've just gotten my father to try out GOG, and so far he likes it ;) True that, that's also why I like them so much.