Fans Play Days Gone's Demo and Live to Talk About It

Days Gone is available for the public to play for the first time in North America.

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sammarshall10258d ago

It's good to see in this video and on Twitter people are really liking Day's Gone. I think it's gonna be a great game

sampsonon58d ago

but of course, it's a sony exclusive.

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S2Killinit58d ago

I dont think he is being sarcastic. And btw i KNEW this was going to be great. It baffled me that people were doubting it especially because the developer was so confident that they literaaly introduced this game the first time by showcasing its gameplay. Im super hyped.

Nitrowolf258d ago (Edited 58d ago )


You must have read his comment wrong, I mean sure if the comma wasn’t there that sentence means something.

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sampsonon58d ago

@Someplay: the reason i made this comment was because Sony is almost always challenged when it comes to the quality of their exclusives. Whether it's the so called "downgraded" 3 months before their games are released, Driveclub, UC4, Horizon, ect... to try to create a backlash so people won't buy the games.

I've just stated a fact. Sony has the best record when it comes to Exclusives so know one should be surprised anymore.

3 months ago people were saying they don't like this about the game or that about the game, and that it looks like it's going to flop.

This wasn't against Xbox or Nintendo. It's about knowing Sony = quality.

KickSpinFilter58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Last one to miss was The Order 1886 or Street Fighter V I guess, but that was awhile ago, and till had fun with them as rentals. I think I have never bought this many exclusives ever for a console, PS4 is destroying it.

rainslacker58d ago

I think you're reading way too much into his comment someplay.

sampsonon58d ago

@KickSpinFilter: The Order is a good game but suffered from exactly what my argument is all about. Social Media destroyed the game before it even came out. and most times gaming sites will follow the trend.

1 year later after they brought the price down for the game ($20) people bought it and said they like the game, and that they want a sequel because they want to know what happens next. . I member watching people play the game on Twitch and them saying they are really enjoying the game. then a bunch of haters kept trying to persuade the streamers that it's bad and after a while of this they slowly changed their minds, sad. Street Fighter wasn't an exclusives was it? I thought it was a timed exclusive.

Sharky23158d ago

Why did you attack sampsonon for his comment? It’s like no one can have any sort of opinion anymore. When I read his comment never once did I think oh he’s butthurt!

bouzebbal58d ago

Efforts always pay off.. Good hype is building! We have a potential IP here!

Strafe58d ago

'The Order is a good game but suffered from exactly what my argument is all about. Social Media destroyed the game before it even came out. and most times gaming sites will follow the trend. '

The game was shit, and that's exactly why it got destroyed. Because it was a poor game.

andibandit58d ago

"The Order is a good game but suffered from exactly what my argument is all about. Social Media destroyed the game before it even came out. and most times gaming sites will follow the trend. "

You mean it followed the same routine that every other exclusive does?, well I'll be damned

sampsonon57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

@andibandit: well not really. The game came out in 2015 and was the first new major exclusive for sony since the ps4 was released. at this point the ps4 and Xbox one were neck and neck in sales and the console war was raw and at a fever pitch. I remember how badly the hate for this game was by the xbox fanboys and how they worked over time to fill social media with false narratives in regards to what the game was meant to be. They, and the media, somehow thought t was supposed to be a 50+ hr game like the Witcher when the devs were going for a AAA version of The Walking dead. So at some point it became " this game isn't worth $60 even though the devs spend 30 times more on the game than The Walking Dead game. so yeah, it was a more expensive version of The Walking Dead. but it's also a better version of that style of game as well.

i want to play a sequel because i liked the story, guns, characters, and the atmosphere.

other games have come out since that are similar and never got the hate this game did. Until Dawn being one of them. but it ca,e out after the ps4 pulled away in sales 6 moths later.

SwampthingsSon57d ago

This coming from the site that praises and demands a sequel to 'perfect' The Order 1886... sigh...

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Fluttershy7757d ago

@Someplay you are so into the whole fan thing, that you are reading his comment the wrong way. And you even realize you made a mistake but... you double on it! It's just sad

Ceaser985736157d ago (Edited 57d ago )

The Order 1886 wasn't shit... The game was short and high priced, that was the only issue... The story was good. The characters, Setting was outstanding.. And like Samosonon said Social media destroyed the game before release and the same is being done with Days Gone .
The Order 1886 deserves a 2nd chance where it can rectify their old mistakes..

81BX57d ago

I don't recall 1 comment where someone doubted it. Please don't include trolls. Maybe people felt burnt out on "zombies" or zombie like games. I'm with you though. Game looked like a winner from day 1. Just hope the collectors edition isn't $299.... clears throat: Mortal Kombat...

andibandit56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

"at this point the ps4 and Xbox one were neck and neck in sales"

ok stop making things up...the PS4 has been outselling the xbox at atleast a 2:1 ratio almost since the beginning. In fact in 2015 it was so bad for MS, they decided to stop releasing sales figures for the Xb1. The drm disaster and the power difference, gave the PS4 a great start, and exclusive games did the rest.

And yeah i remember the time leading up to The Order 1886's release. The last 3 months, it was screenshots every week(Dualshockers+Abriel anyone?), and all the oohing and aahing just hyped the game to a point where anything less than perfection would be a failure.

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PhantomS4258d ago

I'm sure it will be good for the zombie genre fans but the game still doesn't look like it's that amazing. Plus with TLOU2 on the horizon, it's going to be really hard to stand out. Certainly going to be interesting. I honestly wish they would release a public demo before release.

ClayRules201258d ago

I think Days Gone will do just fine, regardless of TLoU2 on the Horizon. We still don’t have a release date for TLoU2. DG will have time to breath, hence, why it was delayed from February to April.

notachance58d ago

if by horizon you mean 1 year apart, sure...

KickSpinFilter58d ago

TLOU2 looks to be in 2020 sooo plenty of room between the two.

rainslacker58d ago

Tlou2 has an indeterminate launch date. This game has resident evil hype to contend with right now, so it would be more prudent to use that if you want to try and say the game is going to bomb.

PhantomS4258d ago

LMAO @ all of you trolls

You're all acting like I said it's a flop, read's not. It's certainly no God of War, Spider-man, Horizon Zero Dawn, Detroit. It'll be okay at best.

ArchangelMike58d ago


Dude, no one is trolling but you. This video is about people who have actually played the game i.e. a public demo - exactly what you're asking for. They've played it and they're saying that they like it and they will buy the game day 1! They've done what you asked, so what's the problem now?

But you're not trolling right? ... yeah not at all!

Dark_Knightmare257d ago

Days gone and tlou 2 are nothing alike besides both having zombies.

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ClayRules201258d ago

Appreciate this Mike! It was entertaining!

mkis00757d ago

first infamous had a demo available to download...I played through it so many times before it came out.

Dark_Knightmare257d ago

Yeah I’m hyped for it I even preordered the collectors edition

Jin_Sakai57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

“Fans Play Days Gone's Demo and Live to Talk About It“

Sounds positive.

Sony should put this demo on PSN so the rest of us can try it.

ArchangelMike57d ago

It's interesting I can't remember any open world games having a demo - maybe it's just me. But yeah I agree, they should release that "Horde Mode" as a demo. I hope at the very least there will be a stand alone horde survival mode in the game.

IamTylerDurden157d ago

Combat looks fun, there appears to be a wide variety of weapons and strategy particularly when approaching hordes. The weapon wheel is always a welcome sight as well. It's great that people are enjoying it.

starchild57d ago

I think Days Gone is likely going to surprise some people. It's not getting as much hype as some other exclusives, but I've always thought it was going to be great. I really like Sony Bend and I actually used to live in the area where this game is set so it's even more interesting to me in that respect. But I mostly just think Sony Bend make good games and they've clearly put a lot of work into this game.


Highly unlikely they would present bad reactions to their own game in their own advertisement

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SkippyPaccino58d ago ShowReplies(3)
S2Killinit58d ago

I knew it! Its gonna be awesome

Smokehouse58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

My hype is reserved, it looked too cinematicish for my taste. But then again, so did gow from the trailers. If it ends up blowing my expectations out the water like gow did then even better.

redey357d ago

It is not cinematic at all, played the demo two months ago and the game is 99% gameplay. It is very similar to MGS if you ask me gameplay/shooting wise.

Smokehouse57d ago

The demo was 99% gameplay. The last trailer was 100% gameplay. The last walkthrough I saw a year or so ago was 90% cinematic and 10% driving. I still consider walking in a straight line for 10 minutes and hitting QTEs cinematic even though it’s not a “cutscene” per se.

Like I said though, I hope I’m wrong. The dynamic horde looks great. It’s the rest of the game that I’m iffy on.

redey357d ago


I do not remember any QTE, only riding the bike/fighting/looting and a short cutscene.

Smokehouse57d ago

Yeah but it all seemed very “auto-pilot” which isn’t my style. Opposed to the recent gameplay of setting up traps and baiting the horde which is my cup of tea. When the story can combine with the dynamic gameplay I will be in my zone lol.