Warframe Dev: We'd Like to Do Cross-Play but It Is One of the Highest-Risk Things We Can Do

The developers of Warframe said they'd like to do cross-play, but it is one of the highest-risk things they could do given the game's nature.

All the versions would have to be in parity for that to happen. However, cross-save is easier and might be more feasible.

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ZaWarudo28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Yeah cross play isn't too necessary for Warframe's healthy PvE focused community.

Cross progression would be amazing though. I have over 800 hours of playtime and it would suck if it's stuck on one platform

DJK1NG_Gaming27d ago

No it can't be done because they would have to have all version being updated to latest version at the same time.
Which would take a lot of work.

Shiken27d ago

DE already said there would be version parity between all platforms by the end of 2019. If they pull it off, that is not longer an excuse.

Though for now, yes it is impossible due to different versions on each platform.

DJK1NG_Gaming26d ago

Yeah they can't make it an excuse if they are able to get the console version up to the same version as PC and then start doing updates at the same time for all version

slavish028d ago

It would be nice maybe for next gen.

Alexious27d ago

They still have to support PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, I'd like them to do that before thinking about next gen.

Gemmol26d ago

No let old systems die, once new ones drop im getting rid of ps4

badz14926d ago


let's start with the weakest and worst version to be the first one to die. The Switch version

ccgr28d ago

As long as each platform has an active user base it's ok

Cybermario27d ago

in a game lik this would be hard and extra work on the devs to give us cross play, this is not Rocket League but a massive game with tons of updates, imagine rollling all the updates/patches/fixes for all platforms at the same time? Yikes

quent27d ago

yep, they have separate system dev divisions working on every version contently, hotfixes, content updates,balance patches, promotions and so, all while having to plan and create new content

TheGamez10027d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I freaking wish....most of my friends play the game on pc and i only have a ps4 and all of my precious progress on it.

starchild26d ago

I hear ya. I play it on PC and two of my friends do too, but my brother in law plays it on Xbox One and my cousin and another friend play it on PS4. It would be nice if we could all play together.

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