Why World at War is better than Call of Duty 4

OXM UK explains why Call of Duty: World at War will be better than the previous effort in the series, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Among the reasons listed are World at War feels more dramatic, has more options to keep the game fresh and co-op.

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SDS Gamerfiend3490d ago

Call Of Duty 4 is much better than this game! Infinity Ward FTW!!!

PS360PCROCKS3490d ago

Ok play the game first and don't be a rabid fanboy. I agree that IW is better and I liked COD4 and think it's an amazing game. I played the beta and I liked COD4 online WAYYYY better. I cancelled my pre-order on this one to rent it instead because the SP does look like it will be really good.

Radiodread3490d ago

you're going to be proved wrong. I'd say that they both offer different flavors of Call of Duty, but in terms of gameplay and graphics they both on par.

damnwrx3490d ago

Hopefully the weapons are upgradeable if not, it will be a rental...

vickers5003490d ago

If by "upgradable" you mean you can add attachments to it like cod4, then yes, weapons are upgradable. Instead of a red dot sight, you have something that looks the same, except its a black cross (+) instead of a red dot.

sinny3490d ago

Im playing the beta and WaW is far worse than Cod4 . I will not buy this game, maybe i will play it on a friend's house or something for the SP. But the MP it's lame.
Having played the R2 beta that is the only action game im waiting right now.

kornbeaner3490d ago

I guess fanboys aren't only for consoles anymore.

I'm in the R2 beta, between R2 and CoD:Waw Beta the CoD beta is far more polished then R2. Granted both have bugs, but at least I am able to rank up through out my whole playtime in CoD. Unlike waiting 10-15 to get into a ranked game in R2. Both need to be fixed, but CoD is showing more polish then R2 when it comes to MP.

WildArmed3490d ago

describe this 'polish'...
you point out it takes 10-15 to get into a ranked game.. while i get in a few seconds >_> Not every1 has the same issues.
If your talking about graphics, big whoop COD5 has better graphics coz it only needs to accomodate 16 people in its multiplayer.. while R2 holds 60.
Plus, COD4 seems better IMO, im not liking the fact that this is gonna have vechiles.

Oh the 2nd and 3rd points basically are repeats.. 2 and 3 both mention co-op >_> (in the article)

kornbeaner3490d ago

1. While it might take you a few seconds to get into a ranked server on R2 it takes me on average 10-15 mins to get into a ranked game no matter where and when I try. Also there are times when I do get into a ranked game back to back, but why is it that when the ranked game is over I get kicked out back to the main shell? I would like to play more then 1 ranked game at a time, you know so I can rank up. Also I have been dropped from 3 ranked games which blows. While my experience seems to differ from yours I know there are many people who have experienced what I am.

So when it comes to ranking up and staying in games CoD:WaW wins

2. Weapon balance is also better in CoD. Outside of the shotgun which seems very under powered in both, CoD weapons are better balanced.
The weapons in R2 are good but most of them are very underwhelming if your berserker is not activated.

Overall weapon balance is also something CoD:WaW does better.

While I only list 2 points of polish those two points are big when talking about playing a game hardcore and just every once in a while.

Now for the thing both games can/need change.

Spawn points in both game are hideous. There are countless times in both games where I would die spawn in front of the player who just killed me and die again, while coo for the cheap kill it sucks to be that guy, so both games need to fix that issue.

Also to address the "Graphics" I never once mentioned graphics as a sticking point and if I have to choose I would pick R2 over CoD:WaW because there are no weak texture find anywhere in a R2 map while I did find some in the CoD beta.

Overall both games can be great, but R2 has more balancing issues that it has to account for also, seeing as R2 will run on dedicated servers, if they plan to only use these dedicated servers to run their ranked game then they better have tons of them, because I see no point in playing a game for hours at a time without ranking up, which is what I find myself doing during the R2 beta and it's wearing thin already. I don't plan on accepting that aspect on a full retail version of the game. If I can go from ranked game to ranked game in the retail version of R2 then I'm all game, but if the retail game suffers from the same issues the Beta is I plan to wait for the greatest hit release of the game for the SP portion of the game.

TheUsedVersion3490d ago

You need to contact Insomniac if you are having a problem. Once logged to the R2 site click on this link:

You can send a message to Bryan Intihar at Insomniac detailing the problem you have. Sounds like its on your end but if you want to let them know, then they would greatly appreciate it.

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