Physical Xbox One version of World of Final Fantasy Maxima discounted to under $20

Amazon has discounted the physical version of World of Final Fantasy Maxima to $19.99 on the Xbox One.

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PhoenixUp94d ago

Strange how Xbox One is the only platform you can physically get World of Final Fantasy Maxima on

gamer780493d ago

didn't realize that, I had it on vita, but sadly its not supported on the playstation tv so I picked up this version to restart with .

gamingunited93d ago

S/E definitely isn't a company that comes to mind when smart decisions are the topic.

DarXyde93d ago

I didn't even know this game was on Xbox One. Switch, yes.

Sm00thNinja93d ago

Definitely an amazing title if you haven't played it support this game!! One of the best PlayStation exclusives of last year! Good times with creating combinations in this game

TheGamez10093d ago

Its ok imo. About 5hrs in and still haven finished the game since the base games launch. And im a fan of pokemon and classic final fantasys. Guess cuz its just too...kiddy? Not a bad game at all though.