VGR: World Heroes Anthology Review


"The final iteration is 'World Heroes Perfect' which while not living up to the rather grand title does represent the game at its most complete. It only adds two new characters to roster, but does kick sprite animation and backgrounds up a notch, practically humming with bright colours. The combo list has once again been expanded, with a special attack meter added for the more complex moves. While this isn't quite the revelation that it was for the Street Fighter series, it does add another layer to what was once quite a simple beat-em-up.

While this final version isn't particularly 'Perfect' it is quite satisfying to approach it having seen the originals meagre beginnings. The series will be of little interest to anyone outside the most devout of beat-em-up fans, but for those curious about the development of this genre through the mid-nineties will find this collection of certain archival value. For the unconverted this really isn't going to provide a welcoming gateway in."

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