Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony stood together at TGA. Here’s why that’s important

The Game Awards 2018 have come and gone and was it an experience. The unity of Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox sharing a stage together was a huge moment for the industry.

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FallenAngel19844d ago

It was a great sight to behold indeed

NewMonday4d ago

console war is officially over

zodiac9094d ago

LOL you used the term "console war??" As if we still live in 2006 LMFAO

wwinterj4d ago

The only folk that keep the "console war" going are petulant children/manchildren. The console manufactures and most well functioning adults don't give a shit.

Eonjay4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

It wasn't that big of a deal. I don't give two f*cks about these guys. They don't represent gaming, we do. People want to take away our power and give it to some corporate figurehead. They come and go like Sega and companies before that. The looked awkward up there, with the exception of Reggie, who I honestly believe gives less of a damn than me.

SwampthingsSon4d ago

“The only folk that keep the "console war" going are petulant children/manchildren.“ aka N4G

danny8183d ago

They all make money off of gamers. Gamers are the insecure ones make cold wars of companies that don’t give two cents for them lmao!

Neonridr3d ago

console war was over for me 2 gens ago when I had my 360 and Wii and decided that I couldn't only support one company with how many good games there were out there.

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kreate4d ago

It's a disturbing sight. If they join forces and unilaterally come up w anti consumer policies, we got no one to flock to other than pc.

MS is easing their way into Sony and Nintendo.

NewMonday4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

It could also be a good thing, like agreeing on a standard architecture that reduces cross-platform development, competition would be purely on 1st/2nd party games and services not proprietary hardware design.

another thing is negotiating a way for cross platform play without giving up user base data.

kreate4d ago


Yes. But not worth the risk. I dont want MS and Sony holding hands. I'm already irritated paying for gold and ps plus, dont want any more of this 'architecture' to happen.

MS is releasing a disk-less console, the future is clear. We need to go back to the roots of our game's constitution and uphold our rights. Not be shoved crap down our throats.

From Sony's censorship to MS's DRM policies they haven't given up on, the day Sony and MS join forces to create the Ultimate X-Station, is the beginning of the end of my gaming hobby.

andibandit3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I wouldn't worry about it, they're not gonna do anything that would be damning in the court of public opinion.

MS tried something with their DRM, and I wouldn't even put it up there next to some of the nightmare scenarios that people think are gonna happen if we go all digital. Well anyway MS got burned HARD.

People will paint a horror picture where companies can do whatever they want to the consumer....they just forget said companies will face repercussions

DJStotty3d ago (Edited 3d ago )


Diskless MS console you say?? I guess that will be fine for the customers that just buy digital.

Not for me though

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TekoIie4d ago

Was it lol? Is this like two countries who've been at war for decades putting their differences aside? Come on this wasn't all that interesting if we're honest.

Spurg4d ago

Wish there was a person to represent PC

PhoenixUp4d ago

Why would Lord Gaben be there?

Plus Microsoft is already trying to heavily establish their brand in the PC market

L7CHAPEL4d ago

I've been as deeply harshly critical of Gabe Newell as anyone.
but yeah, it would have been nice to see him on stage.

DJK1NG_Gaming4d ago

Uh that individual gamers who plays on PC.

beulahland4d ago

Phil Spencer?
Microsoft develops Windows.

L7CHAPEL4d ago

Indeed they do,
and I'm an Xbox Centric guy first and foremost, but Gabe Newell would be the figurehead for PC gaming, I think, without a doubt.

gangsta_red4d ago

It was definitely a great defining moment in the video game halls of history.

MS, Nintendo and Sony collab coming soon

Srhalo4d ago

Yes Sony Nintendo and microsoft should get on stage together more.

Septic4d ago

Yeah it was actually really nice to see. It's always cool when they do that.

ApexWolf224d ago

And do the Evolution of Dance...

EddieNX 4d ago

Like what? I thought it was just a show of mutual respect nothing more.

I can't see them doing anything together unless it's crossplay.

gangsta_red4d ago

You didn't hear, Phil, Reggie and Layden are all going to be in Half Life 3!

L7CHAPEL4d ago

Show of mutual respect, I think, is a really good thing at this point in history.

Fist4achin4d ago

Ha! HL3 confirmation. I love it.

salmonade4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

You see, from the picture, left to right.. it's Sony, MS, Nintendo, but you mentioned Sony LAST and MS first... You're always biased even with your positive comments to Sony. We all can see it. That's another reason why you get disagrees. (I was just reading the other comment thread lol) I think the whole thing is funny though

Your history. Your Stealth trolls. Your ability to pour something with a sour taste onto something positive for Sony. You're a master... you are seriously one of the best ever on here lol. Rookie Monster was like a raging savage going into battle with dual-weilding axes going crazy... YOU are like an extremely skilled archer with deadly accuracy like Legolas.
:-D I hope you're here to stay forever.

beulahland4d ago

@salmonade "You see, from the picture, left to right.. it's Sony, MS, Nintendo, but you mentioned Sony LAST and MS first"

Oh, lord. What a crime!

Dude, please.

salmonade4d ago

@ beulahland
lol I'm 99% joking man

gangsta_red4d ago

LMAO! You win the internet for today good sir.

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uth114d ago

i was hoping they would start bashing each other with chairs. dissapointed! /s

EddieNX 4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Or for Reggie to say, "Even though Ninendo is the best , we are all united in our commitment to driving the industry forward"



That Thug Life meme would've been epic!

shiva14d ago

For bashing: We have a Hulk in green :-)

OT: Nice to see all three together. Once every year i guess...

L7CHAPEL4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

They did.
you have to have the paid online service of each one of those companies (collectively) to see it though... I'm pretty sure Reggie has the edge as far as the whole "kicking ass" thing

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Xaevi4d ago

yeah that part was pretty epic ngl. I think the part I like more was the short interview with Phil Spencer. his expression and when he said that it could be better felt genuine

porkChop4d ago

Yeah, that's something I've always liked about Phil. He's not afraid to be honest about the shortcomings or mistakes of Xbox/MS.

Like earlier this year when he spoke about how PlayStation did a much better job supporting indies at the start of this gen. It's refreshing to see him be honest and admit when his competitors did something right/better.

On top of that, he's not afraid to openly talk about playing great games from Nintendo and Sony. I feel that more execs should be honest and transparent like him, and I don't only mean gaming execs.