Anthem Finally Caught My Attention with 2018 Game Awards Trailer

I haven't been hyped for Bioware's Anthem until the story trailer they showed at the 2018 Game Awards, coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 22.

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PoopsMcGee9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Good to hear. I didn't see the trailer myself but since it introduced the characters/story maybe I'll check it out. If the SP turns out good I may consider buying it.

azariosays9d ago

Sorry about that, I went ahead and added the trailer.

Vasto8d ago

Anthem will be what Destiny should have been.

azariosays8d ago

That’s definitely what I’m hoping!

NovusTerminus8d ago

Maybe, but I am really upset they went class based for the frames. I wish it was handled more like Armored Core, I want to use the lightest frame with a single super heavy weapon.

azariosays8d ago

I hadn’t thought about a more Armored Core approach. I would definitely enjoy that.

sinspirit8d ago

Exactly. I was hoping for individual system and suit upgrades. With some sort of experimental shop to give salvaged gear to for potential upgrading or creating wild card machinery.

The classes need a lot of perks too.
Like, an Engineer class would be great for suit repairs in the field, giving a buff to speed, armor, or weaponry. Planting turrets and mines. Also, free repairs in town, once you are competent enough.
Or, a Sentinel that provides better information on targets such as weaknesses, can influence the enemy to relocate, mark materials for harvesting from a longer distance, and change their aggression.

sinspirit8d ago

Don't hold that thought just yet. We still have a small glimpse of the story and the release isn't far off now. I'm also not seeing any sign that the progression will be very good. Hopefully, the perk upgrades and weapon selection is far more diverse at launch. The customization for your Javelin is pretty extensive though. That does look extremely good.

Personally, I'm really hoping for an Armored Core sort of customization for armor pieces, to some degree. Sci-Fi games do so much better when they have in-depth selections and upgrade paths cause it just makes sense.

Xaevi8d ago

don't let a few well edited together cutscenes convince you that this will be a great game, hype is a gamers worst enemy. with that said I thought the characters looked very well made, and made me a bit interested about what they over all story and lore could be. still not interested in multiplayer games tho, specially anything coming from EA.

EmperorDalek8d ago

What? That's all it takes to get your interest? It made the story look generic. "With the power of the Anthem, I will end all suffering" - Please tell me this isn't another "I heard you didn't want to get killed by synthetics, so I made synthetics to kill you so you don't get killed by synthetics". Because "I will kill everyone so they don't suffer" doesn't sound any different.

azariosays8d ago

It was enough to get me more interested than I have been in the game. All I’m hoping for is to care about this world and characters and the story trailer provided at least a glimpse of that.

WitcheRivia8d ago

All it takes to lose my interest is the publisher being EA.

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