Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds is Everything Fallout 76 Should’ve Been

Talha Amjad writes: "Obsidian's The Outer World was showcased at The Game Awards 2018 and it seems like everything that Fallout 76 failed to deliver and so much more."

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NarutoFox7d ago

This could've been an Xbox one exclusive if Microsoft would have bought Obsidian years earlier.

ElementX7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Does that really matter? Now they can take the feedback from this game and make a better exclusive sequel if they want.

NarutoFox7d ago

Absolutely I'm just saying this could have been a good exclusive for them. This game looks fantastic and I'm sure it will get good review scores and be better than Fallout 76

Mr_Commander7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

xbox has just 1 exclusive this generation. there is almost zero chance that this game would had been exclusive.

apart from that, this game maybe would never seen the day of light if not 2K. Obsidian said themself that they was almost done if not m$, so if not 2K, there would be no Outer World.

EazyC6d ago

You say that like it's a good idea.

Sm00thNinja6d ago

Gonna really grind your gears if it's a FANTASTIC game and you can only play the sequel on Windows 10 and Xbox devices

Sm00thNinja6d ago

Lol really! That'll probably be what happens. If Obsidian can create games that look this interesting exclusively for Xbox it'll be well worth the pick up.

sinspirit6d ago


It would be cool? Really? It would be cool just that the game is exclusive rather than available for everyone?

I'm not bashing exclusivity in general. It's what pushes the console makers to push their own hardware even more.
But, this game is clearly not the case of first party involvement.

LandoCalrissiano5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Because the exclusives are the only thing that matters. This way a talented studio can sell ideally sell twice as many copies.

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Alek837d ago

This looks great. Since they screwed Obsidian out of money with New Vegas, and then all of us with 76, I hope Obsidian has a new hit franchise on their hands that can take on Fallout.

-Foxtrot7d ago

See this is the kind of quality they can produce if they are given a standard development time...not 18 months like what Bethesda gave them with New Vegas.

I really hope if this becomes a success they make a new franchise similar to I mean a crazy post apocalyptic "Nukes destroyed everything" spiritual successor to Fallout and beat Bethesda at their own game.

dreamoner6d ago

There wouldn't be a point for creating another post-apoc franchise. Outer Worlds looks, plays, feels similar enough...from the looks of it :P

LucasRuinedChildhood6d ago

The only potential issues that I've seen is that it's not supposed to be a full open world (broken into segmented areas due to a tight budget but this could be a good thing as well), there's no romance options and the gore/dismemberment from Fallout will be sorely missed. Bethesda should have swallowed their pride and purchased Obsidian years ago.

EazyC6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

The original 2 Fallouts were just a few linear-ish areas. I know it's not like-for-like, but I don't think a great RPG has to be open-world.

Romance in RPGs is trendy more than essential. The lack of gore is a bit disappointint, and I'm not too fond at the thought of blasting through robots ad infinitum. Also, I hope you can holster your weapon, the player didn't put it away once in the demo!

Having said that, I'm more excited about this than just about anything on the horizon. Can't wait to see more!

King_Noctis6d ago

I agree with you for once Foxtrox. This game is looking awesome.

Elwenil6d ago

Everyone keeps comparing this to Fallout, but to me it felt a lot more like Borderlands.

porkChop6d ago

I think the Fallout comparisons are due to the dialogue system and some of the visuals. To me I see Fallout, Borderlands, and BioShock.

dreamoner6d ago

So far I've seen people liken it to Fallout, Borderlands, NMS, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Destiny, Dishonored, Elex.

Any more?

Unreal016d ago

It's basically a Dark Souls clone.

sinspirit6d ago

Border = Outer
Lands = Worlds
These words mean the same thing.

It looked super similar to Borderlands in the trailer to me. The name just makes it a slap in the face to tell you that it is. It really needs to show some uniqueness. Looks far too similar for me to get hyped for it. Worried we're just gonna get the same old thing from another studio. It's a bit more familiar than your usual inspiration.

NeoGamer2325d ago

Felt like Borderlands and Fallout 76 crossed with each other.

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lazyboyblue6d ago

This game looks like direct fu to Bethesda for the shafting they got over New Vegas.

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