Has 'Ashen' ditched Xbox Play Anywhere and Steam for Epic Games exclusivity?

Ashen's publisher seems to have ditched its promise to launch on Xbox Play Anywhere and Steam for PC, opting instead for Epic Games.

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Rude-ro4d ago

I could have sworn phil, during the show, said ashen was available... but I could be wrong. It was never going to be “exclusive” though.

Razzer4d ago

Available on Xbox maybe, but on PC the game is available exclusively through Epic Games Store despite being billed as a Play Anywhere game.

Rude-ro4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

So are you saying that the game is not offered per play anywhere for Microsoft or that you do not know?
And if epic games store is a service, what is wrong with holding onto their cards to sell their service? Exclusives are what sells and separates competing businesses no? Why would they not make their service viable?
That is an issue of trying to lean on third party games.. they do not belong to others.
Also, with epic giving the majority of sales to the developers, maybe any other service that wants the game has to match the same cut? I do not know what Microsoft’s play anywhere or steams cuts are.. but they are not the 88% that epic is offering developers. Perhaps that is the deciding factor.. of which is not a bad thing.
As so many out there say, competition is a good thing.

Razzer4d ago

The game is not available on Microsoft's store for PC. It still does not have a release date on Steam which shows it TBD.

Of course this is a business move between the Ashen publisher and Epic. But the simple fact is that this game has been listed (and currently still is) as a Play Anywhere and Steam game for quite some time. It seems now, at launch, the availability of Ashen has changed solely to Epic and the publisher is just ignoring questions about its future availability on twitter and facebook. I'm not going to even try to guess what the business terms behind this are. It doesn't matter. Competition is a great thing. But this wreaks of shady last minute behind the scene business deals while leaving potential customers in the dark.

Rude-ro4d ago

I hear ya.
This reminds me of the titanfall and tomb raider debacle of the beginning of this gen.
Quick shady deals are not the best option.. but said options are due to competition.

mikeslemonade3d ago

Don’t use those, I play it for free.

TekoIie3d ago


"what is wrong with holding onto their cards to sell their service? Exclusives are what sells and separates competing businesses no?"

Except we're not seeing two separate systems compete, but two different clients and right now Steam is undeniably the better. Forcing me to only be able to play a game through your client doesn't make it better unless your client has some sort of feature that can enhance the game (like Steam Workshop, community and market).

Right now the only interesting thing for the EPIC game store is this free game every two weeks (considering there's no subscription that's amazing). But otherwise, it does nothing but splinter my library further. Going to give Ashen and Hades a play though since they look very fun.

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Razzer4d ago

Update: Still coming to Windows 10. They are "working on" Play Anywhere. No idea what there is to work on. Either it is Play Anywhere (as promised) or they lied about it.

Razzer4d ago

And....the game is no longer listed as "Coming Soon" for Xbox Play Anywhere. Yep. They are liars.

shaggy23032d ago

Who's "they" Microsoft or the devs?

Razzer2d ago

In my mind the devs. Microsoft doesn't determine whether the game is Play Anywhere or not. That is up to the dev and publisher. Annapurna said it would be Play Anywhere and if they renege then they lied and should be called out for it.

Atom6663d ago

Disappointing, but you can't blame the dev too much for taking that Epic money. Sounds like it'll hit Play Anywhere later for those interested.

NarutoFox3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Hmm interesting

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