Far Cry New Dawn – everything you need to know, exclusive screens and alpha gameplay (Critical Hit)

Nuclear winters look like no fun at all. According to Ubisoft’s research, while working on the concept for Far Cry New Dawn, areas affected by the aftermath of a nuclear explosion can spend six years hidden from the sun. Temperatures plummet, almost all signs of life vanish. If you’re not inside a bunker with food, clean water and board-games, you are f… doomed.

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Darranged10d ago

Yeah the apocalypse is cool and all, but how about Blood Dragon 2 instead?

brianunfried10d ago

The Far Cry series is getting stale. Looks like "The Walking Dead" minus the zombies with a "Rage 2" aesthetic slapped on.

bondsmx9d ago

Would agree. I’ve been a pretty loyal fc fan for years, but I’m kinda thinking I’m gonna skip this...

jaymacx9d ago

Is it just me or does the cover girl on the left look like Beyonce ready for the apocalypse. All she needs is a glass of lemonade haha.

Lighter99d ago

It's Venus and Serena. Get it right.

EazyC9d ago

I get a very strong feeling of this also, but have done since Far Cry 4. It always looks like the same dealio, wild animals, an explosive crossbow, and you drive a floaty-feeling car with one hand. On the other hand they've been rather consistent in terms of being perfectly functional open-world FPS games. Just oh-so formulaic.

BeardedDrachen9d ago

It’s a bland sandbox experiences.

Thundercat779d ago

Can't help but feel this is just the same old Far Cry with a new skin.

SemiWicked9d ago

Kind of bored already just looking at the trailer.

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