Team Behind ARK Reveals its Next Game, Atlas, an Open World Survival Game on the High Seas

Ed M writes: The team behind ARK: Survival evolved revealed a new open world survival game based around piracy, Atlas, at The Game Awards.

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slate914d ago

This game looks insane. Can't wait.

web10173d ago

lol wtf is this? Dragon age meets Pirates of the Caribbean?

slavish03d ago

Pass on anything from the ark guys. This will be a buggy, laggy mess, full of empty dev promises and lies.😤

Mirdus3d ago

Yeah, I nearly got excited...but then I remember how ARK was optimized....even for higher end computers it runs like shit...However I'll wait and see if they have improved on this game...while hoping they won't develop expansions in the middle of Early Access phase.

noxeven3d ago

So sea of theses with more stuff?