Far Cry: New Dawn Revealed at The Game Awards

Ubisoft revealed Far Cry: New Dawn at The Game Awards this evening.


Fixed image. Embedded trailer.

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REDGUM12d ago

Ummm, is this a new Far Cry game or an add on for the last installment? If its new then isn't it abit too soon i.e. not much will change from the 5th game! like most yearly released game/series/franchises!

Nitrowolf211d ago

It’s an “add on” life the last game by the looks of it, a continuation from where it ended

HaveSumNuts11d ago

As in a $60 full priced DLC for Far Cry 5

Goldenhawk52110d ago (Edited 10d ago )

@HaveSumNuts It's $40, not $60.

BeardedDrachen12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I’d rather have an actual post apacolpytic landscape.. not a colorful ‘rage 2’ clone in essentially what is the same asset landscape as 5.