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hulk_bash198710d ago

Definitely a good get by Nintendo, though it'll more than likely be a timed exclusive. It's a good move by Nintendo non the less.

addictedtochaos10d ago

Maybe not a timed exclusive. According to IGN it is being published by Nintendo.

DarXyde10d ago

Published by Nintendo.

Good luck with that.

hulk_bash198710d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Sure, just like Rise of the Tomb Raider was published by Microsoft. But it ended up on PS4 a year later. I'm not saying it's a guarantee. But IMO it'll find it's way onto other platforms at some point in the future.

DarXyde10d ago

"Published by Nintendo" does not carry the same meaning as "Published by Microsoft". In the case of Rise of The Tomb Raider, the Windows/Xbox version was published by Microsoft and the PS4 version was published by Square Enix.

I think there are certain studios where, if they work with a platform-holding publisher, it tends to stay exclusive: Capcom kept Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One and Street Fighter V on PC and PS4, Platinum kept Bayonetta 2 & 3 on Wii U and Switch. A game like Tomb Raider was never going to be exclusive and it felt obvious, especially in their language at the announcement ("coming exclusively to Xbox in 2015").

I think that, when Tecmo-Koei/Team Ninja make a deal, it'll likely stay where it is, possibly allowing for PC.

hulk_bash198710d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Fair point, but I think a game like Marvel UA3 isnt gonna be kept exclusive. Again I could be wrong, but that is just my opinion.

As far as Koei Tecmo/Team Ninja, Ninja Gaiden 2 was published by Microsoft back on the 360. But that game found it's way to PS3 as NG Sigma 2. The same thing happened with Nioh, which was a PS4 exclusive, that was released on PC nine months later.

Neonridr10d ago

I don't think a game that has been published by Nintendo ever made it to another console before. So time will tell I guess.

dotwithshoes9d ago

To the person who mentioned Bayonetta... that wasn't just published by Nintendo, that was fully funded by Nintendo.

KukwesGaming9d ago

I wouldn't get too excited even though it's a Team Ninja game it looks like they took their interns and had them make a mobile game.

DarXyde8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I addressed Ni Oh's situation, just so you know ("I think that, when Tecmo-Koei/Team Ninja make a deal, it'll likely stay where it is, possibly allowing for PC").

As for Ninja Gaiden, I personally believe the ONLY reason that didn't happen before is because Tomonobu Itagaki simply isn't a fan of Playstation. Both games are his creation, after all.

I certainly agree that time will tell. In no way can I speak so decisively myself. Honestly, I would not be surprised if either of us was right.

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imtiyaz610d ago

I loved the first game and this does not look appealing at all.

Old McGroin10d ago

You loved the first game but don't like the look of this? Anything to do with it not being on Playstation by any chance? :p

Seraphim10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I will agree that it looks like it could use more polish, perhaps a lot more. It has my interest peaked but I'll wait until I see more video and hear more details. If the visuals get the polish they need, combat is solid and game entertaining then great. If not, this will probably sell like hotcakes anyway but I'll pass.

As others are suggesting. I wouldn't be surprised if this drops on XB/PS in 2020. the video just states "Exclusively on Nintendo Switch 2019." The kind of phrase and use of words we commonly see from MS w/ their timed exclusivity titles.

imtiyaz610d ago

There are many things but it’s mainly the art style for me. I really hate the MvC style cell-shaded character models. You should also compare the woleverine in this with the one in the original game. That game put more care into the characters. I just feel this way based on the footage they’ve shown so far. I hope I am wrong.

KukwesGaming9d ago

it looks like that marvel mobile looks bad

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DJK1NG_Gaming10d ago

Well well LOL Nice Grab Nintendo


I'm excited, but I'm still curious how they were able to pull it exclusively. The Avengers is a HUGE IP. Incredible!

anonymousfan10d ago

Some AAA love for the Switch :)

Liqu1d10d ago

Marvel probably had no intention of making UA3 until Nintendo paid for it's development.

alex1015949d ago

Maybe because Switch isn't *confirmed* to be getting Avengers Project.

michellelynn097610d ago

I am at a loss for words. Wow, this is so cool.

TheGoodestBoi10d ago

So many disagrees I think it looks awesome

michellelynn097610d ago

I am used to it. A certain group who gang up and disagree just so they think they're the large majority. Meh, it's fine.

KukwesGaming9d ago

it looks like a horrible mobile crash grab

FunAndGun10d ago

It is cool. I'm a Playstation only gamer and I was excited watching the trailer. Bummed it's only on Switch as I did enjoy the Alliance games in the past. Not sure about the whole art direction, but you guys will have a fun game, no doubt!

neutralgamer199210d ago

This shouldn't be exclusive unless without Nintendo it would be happening(like Bayonetta series)

Very underrated series would love to have this on other platforms down the road

gamer780410d ago

lol don't fall for the old "this wouldn't happen if it weren't for Nintendo" line, they just paid more to get it like bayonetta than another third party publisher.

Sgt_Slaughter10d ago

It's been almost 10 years since 2, clearly no one else was going to do anything about it. Also "this wouldn't happened with Nintendo" literally is what happened with Bayonetta. It would be a dead franchise without them, no one else was going to help clearly.

neutralgamer199210d ago


I honestly thought the license had run out that's why we never got the 3rd game. I don't know or understand how ms and or Sony don't see the value into funding this game since this could be a big hit and sell systems

Neonridr10d ago

There is a difference between paid more and paid anything period. It's not like Sony or Microsoft stepped up to save the Bayonetta series. Nintendo did. So you should be thankful that the series is even continuing.

porkChop10d ago

Ultimate Alliance 3 was pretty much not happening though. So Nintendo is very likely the reason this game even exists, just like with Bayonetta.

neutralgamer199210d ago

Than the bigger question is why Sony and ms don't jump in because this isn't a small unknown game

This could be huge system seller especially with all the craze with super hero movies


^^That's actually a very good question. For Sony and MS to let MUA slip is suspect. Maybe they simply don't care because they have bigger deals with Marvel that we don't know about yet.

I'm just thinking out loud here, but I think either Sony or MS secured some sort of exclusive deal with Rocksteady for whatever superhero game they're working on.

rainslacker10d ago


Sony already got Spider-man which serves the comic book fans pretty well. They also funded SFV, which didn't really do much for them, so maybe those could be two reasons.

Maybe Marvel just went to Nintendo like they did Sony to make the game. Seems odd to do so, but things are happening in odd ways this gen.

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The 10th Rider10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Apparently Activision put Samus and Link in the first game, but when they showed it to Nintendo, they were told no. Maybe Nintendo looked back on that and was interested in a new one? IDK. With it being exclusive and games like Starlink including Nintendo characters, I can see this one having some Nintendo characters included.

Slayer69x10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

@rainslacker sf5 being exclusive to ps4 help make ps4 the standard console for fighting game tournaments for all fighting games because street fighter have the biggest tournament scene out of all the other fighters and fighting games at tournaments were mostly played on xbox before sf5 released. so sony sf5 investment paid off by helping them take the tournament fighting game community from xbox just like the cod deal help get the fps tournament community from xbox to .

Cmv3810d ago

This sucks, I have been dying for a new one on playstation. Just recently beat 2. Hopefully its timed, I'm not buying a switch... not the type of console for me.

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Tazzy10d ago

Nintendo is publishing it so it won't be on any other console.

gamer780410d ago

I wanted a new one too, but honestly the graphics in this one look like mua2, if that, and its been so long... just gonna pass on this one.

Nintentional9d ago

ok Spiderman shouldn't be an exclusive on Playstation either. Would you wanna see Spiderman on Xbox and PC?

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