Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - PS4 | Review - SquareXO

SXO: The hardest part of writing this review was pulling myself away from the game to actually write it. Mutant Year Zero is a fun, challenging and rewarding game that I had a great time playing through. It has brought enough changes to feel fresh and new while maintaining the familiarity of the turn-based combat.

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bluefox7558d ago

Reviews seem to be all over the map for this game.

Chaosdreams8d ago

I'd recommend it if you're into XCOM.

BlackTar1878d ago

As a huge Xcom fan and ones that's been playing for over 20 yrs i can tell you that if you like Xcom then this is a great game.

Leeroyw8d ago

Mutant: Year Zero: Road to Eden: Path To Freedom: Road Less Travelled: Origins: Extended Edition: Early Adopters Version: The Beginning.