Just Cause 4 is Mostly Negative on Steam in just a day, video comparison between Just Cause 3 and 4

DSOGaming writes: "Just Cause 4 has just been released on the PC and in just a day, the game has Mostly Negative reviews on Steam. PC gamers list numerous graphical issues, downgraded visuals, bugs (especially with the menu), inability to remap keys and more."

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Snookies129d ago

I learned my lesson after 3... I freaking loved Just Cause 2, but after that they've gone drastically downhill. Which sucks, because this series could have been something truly special given the right tech and development.

neutralgamer19928d ago

JC as a series has under achieved in a major way both commercially and critically. Developers are trying to do as little work as possible to try to cash in on the name of this series

On foot gameplay is still broken and shallow. The shooting machanics feel broken

Driving still sucks

Performance is a issue and that makes no sense when other much bigger games like Witcher and RDR2 have shown you can get the graphics, gameplay and performance

Avalanch barely updated JC3 and some of their patches manse JC3
More buggy

They can't just say we are giving you an open world go have fun when there are so many things holding back the fun factor

And just for fun they added hunch of time limit missions which make you go across the whole map to destroy something before going all the way on the other side of the map with barely enough time

Wolffenblitz8d ago

You can't compare jc3 with rdr2 and Witcher.. you're not blowing shit up and using a lot of resources on physics in those games.

Segata8d ago

I liked messing around in JC3's world but the missions were horrible. They were every PS2 era mission design at it's worst.

Profchaos8d ago

They really pushed the PS2 but since that point it's been the same gameplay with very minor tweaks

pinkcrocodile758d ago

My husband LOVES Just Cause 3 so buying Just Cause 4 on PS4 Pro is a no brainer.

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Sgt_Slaughter8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

What is with some developers downgrading sequels? Sequels are supposed to take what the previous game did and evolve it for the better. Somethings were improved, but more were downgraded like the water and grass physics, among other things.

This game's reviews are all over the board just like Darksiders III, too (currently at a 74 from 20+ reviews on OpenCritic)

bolimekurac8d ago

the game is being fixed on the xbox one x, they just announced tons of additions to the graphics and much more

starsi3608d ago

Too little to late. Should have been ready to go at launch, or delayed if it wasn’t quite ready. Sick of developers pushing out unfinished products.

Pay £50 for an unfinished buggy game
wait and pay £15 for a patched and fixed game.
Tough choice.... /s

mkis0078d ago

Why fo you mention xbox one x and not the base xbox one console and ps4 like the press release?

bluefox7558d ago

ACG gave it a positive review, so I'll give it a try.

Harkins17218d ago

Isnt JC4 using a different engine? Still looks really good.

optimus8d ago

wow, this is the absolute definition of nitpicking. sure, there are some differences but to stop and look if you're shadow in a game and deem it a bad game because of it
(among other little things) is simply idiotic....

I'm surprised he didn't talk about the graphical popups when flying through some trees. or the various animals that get stuck (sometimes upside down) on fences and things.... all minor glitches, (that can be funny moments)....regardless I'm still loving the game.

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