Fallout 76 Support Tickets Sent to Player by Mistake

Fallout 76 support tickets and personal identifying information have been sent to a play by mistake includes home address, email and more.

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badz1497d ago

isn't this kinda very very bad?

Forn7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Yes...yes it is.

badz1497d ago

seriously...somebody...anybody ...SUE THE HELL OUT OF BETHESDA ALREADY!

Tsuru7d ago

@badz149 While i understand that yea, it is a terrible thing. There really isnt a valid reason to sue them over it.

badz1497d ago


WHAT? remember the PSN fiasco 2011? there were no solid evidence for any leak of actual info and credit card got hacked but Sony shut down PSN and issued warnings anyway and urged users to changed their credit card and so on but gamers were up in hands trolling and even going as far as trying to sue them for it.

so what's different this time? this is personal data actually sent out to strangers. why is it "isnt a valid reason to sue them over it" to you??

TeamIcoFan7d ago

This dumpster fire just gets more and more entertaining!

thatguyhayat7d ago

Oh dear god... Can they not rid this game and pretend it never happened

ccgr7d ago

I wonder how many accounts were compromised

Tsuru7d ago

probably 0. Why would that compromise their account?

EpicFruityPie7d ago

And yet people will still flock to buy their next game....

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The story is too old to be commented.