Darksiders 4 All But Confirmed Following DS3 Performance

Talha Amjad writes: "Prior to the release of Darksiders 3, the CEO of Gunfire Games mentioned that he would be happy if 100,000 copies were sold and that he would look into making Darksiders 4. This is now surely nailed on."

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ziggurcat11d ago

Not surprising, really. There has to be 4 just based on what the game is about.

bouzebbal11d ago

First one was so good!!! One of my favorite ps3 games. Second one had more freedom but want as good... Still like it though..
My excitment for this third one isn't there... I'll prob pick it up at lower price..

Zabatsu211d ago

You're missing something. I was sceptic at first, but DS3 is awesome.
I haven't had this much fun in gaming for a long time.
Easily an 8/10 for me now after they've gotten rid of the annoying bugs with the patches.

Dark_Knightmare211d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I think you’re missing out if you’re a fan of darksiders. Darksiders 3 is really good to be truthful it’s become my favorite darksiders game the world is just so fun to explore and really intricate and a lot bigger than it first seems. Fury experiences the most character growth out of the three horsemen so far and she easily has the best main weapon hands down. I say give it a shot there’s a pretty good chance you’ll end up really liking it.

Ultr11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

If you feared that is not a real Darksiders game, fear not. IT IS a real Darksiders game :) and a great one in that.

darthv7210d ago

DS4 would be an awesome way to tie the previous 3 together in an epic finale that restores order from chaos.

DaFeelz10d ago

Don’t let the bad reviews fool you. It’s a good game. Not great. Good. Good enough where I feel like I got my money’s worth. I’m playing it on the X. I don’t know if that has a bearing on its technical performance or not. I like the game enough to where I spent a little over 4 hours learning the game and I’m gonna start over from scratch, now that I know what to expect. Change up my approach a bit. It’s not the same caliber as GoW or Bayonetta in terms of combat, but she can kick ass in the right hands.

bouzebbal10d ago

@DaFeelz :
I'm not the kind of person who watch reviews... I would have skipped great games like Dead Space 3, The Order...
Concerning DS3, I'm just not as excited as I was with the first one. But since I platinumed the 2 first ones, Im picking this one up but later!!

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PhoenixUp11d ago

We knew there’d be a Darksiders game based on each Horseman since the end of the first one

I just hope they they get their act together and release a fourth title as good as the first two

PhantomS4211d ago

It'll be interesting since the 4th one is a gunslinger.

Emme11d ago Death and War ?

PhantomS4210d ago

Death wielded a Scythe as the main weapon and War a Sword.

neutralgamer199211d ago

It's not a AAA game. I am sure DS3 will do 1 million plus lifetime which is good for a budget title

Segata11d ago

Not a budget game at $60

Dark_Knightmare211d ago

They did it’s called darksiders 3

NeoGamer23210d ago

The third is garbage. Took the engine from the last game, ported it to this generation, then put the third story content on to it. Zero effort to improve the game. Shame really.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

What..? 100k is abysmal for any AAA game.

It also weirds me how the article is so enthusiastic about the game "SURELY BEING ABLE TO SELL 100K". Makes it seem like the game was an absolute commercial failure. This should be selling 500k+ at this point.

LucasRuinedChildhood11d ago

It's not an AAA game though. Darksiders 3 seems to have been very cheap.

deathtok11d ago

Darksiders 3 was developed by a new studio with 60 total employees. It’s not a AAA game.

BushLitter11d ago

Looks like someone's been sleeping under a rock

Dark_Knightmare211d ago

In what universe is darksiders 3 a triple aaa title lol

Felix_Argyle_Catbro11d ago

It really doesn't matter if Darksiders 3 is an AAA game or not. 100k is definitely abysmal for this game, I'm sorry.

MWH11d ago

Chill. A 4th game is coming and that's what's important and hopefully it will strife to higher standards.

mkis00711d ago

Talking about cost vs profit. It was evidently very cheap to make making 100,000 copies very good to them.

Nitrowolf211d ago (Edited 11d ago )

It’s not that you’re wrong because 100 K when compared to other titles is rather poor

Would they have been more happier if it had more? yes, But at the end of the day if they made their money is back and worth the ad for the eight successful enough to do the sequel

It’s clear they didnt spend a bucket load on the game, And unlike the majority of companiy they set the bar’s low And It may have paid off even if it was a little

TGGJustin10d ago

The game had a low budget and the developer said they would be happy if it did 100k. For many other games that would be abysmal. For this one it's not at all. Maybe learn how things work.

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Inzo11d ago

Gees, setting the bar a bit low aren't you?

Dark_Knightmare211d ago

No they are setting the bar at a realistic expectation unlike the majority of studios who see games has a failure if they don’t sell ten million copies and have people playing years down the road while milking them dry

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