Eve: Rebirth Terror for PS4/Vita Gets First Screenshots on Famitsu; Yes, it Has the White Light

Today's issue of Weekly Famitsu included the reveal of the first screenshots of Eve: Rebirth Terror, a sequel of the popular visual novel Eve: Burst Error.

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Jarrodlamp19804d ago

Dame other Japanese game going to get censored. Your on roll for next gen

gamer78044d ago

great job Sony, doing their part to slowly lower the amount of visible pixels on screen. Sure they are doing better than MS this generation, but between the 3 consoles they are the only ones who have actively tried to move backwards in their race. I don't even play these games, but Sony knows best, "for the players"....

thejigisup4d ago

"That being said, visual novels never really featured open nudity on PlayStation consoles, to begin with. Those ported from PC-based eroge simply had many of their scenes removed.". So, it's nothing new, infact keeping the nude scene but slightly obscuring it actually is an improvement. If ppl are upset about it why not just image search some nips instead it's free.