Nutaku has launched an independent LGBTQ+ games section

Celebrating diversity in the gaming community, 18+ online gaming portal,, is proud to announce the release of a brand new LGBTQ+ Games section (NSFW) on its website.

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ShockUltraslash9d ago

Its not a good idea to make an entire section full of them. The games can just be included into the roster and a tagging system helps people identify what they want.

TGG_overlord9d ago

That would have been the better option imo...

Eien8d ago

Well, to be technical, there is a huge difference in a lesbian game like the A Kiss for the Petals series and a game that has a lesbian scene in it. So, if you hit the lesbian tag then you would get all games with any lesbian scenes in it instead of a game that focuses on lesbian relationships.

william_cade9d ago

What practical application does this have toward liberation and equality?

wonderfulmonkeyman9d ago

None. If anything this comes off as forced.

TGG_overlord9d ago

I have no idea whatsoever...

Eien8d ago

Well, nothing in the article implied this is for liberation or equality, Seemingly from what little I skimmed it was just a company that wanted their games to get easier recognition. This doesn't seem to come from forced diversity or anything but just a company wanting people to have easier access to their games as to something I stated in another comment. There is a huge difference in a lesbian game and a game with lesbian scenes in it, which if you used the lesbian tag then you would get any game with lesbian scenes in it, not just games that focus on lesbian relations.

frdjck8d ago

Do they call it "gender appropriation" section or just the "sexist" section?

Just saying because man that dress as a woman are manplaining woman how to be woman which is sexist.

Also, it's against islam, so it's somewhat racist too. Muslims have the right to practice their religion in America without us white telling them what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

wonderfulmonkeyman6d ago

I can't tell if this is trolling or serious, and that's very disturbing.