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Submitted by OutLaw 3454d ago | news

Kutaragi Hints At Built-To-Order PS3

An interview with Sony PlayStation boss Ken Kutaragi in Japanese newspaper Nikkei BP, as passed on by consumer website, has seen the increasingly outspoken executive making new claims for the PlayStation 3 to be seen as a computer, rather than as a video games console.

After indicating that larger 120GB hard drives may be available for the PlayStation 3 "by next year or the year after that", Kutaragi made the suggestion that the PlayStation 3 could be sold on a built-to-order basis, as seen in the home PC market. "As the PlayStation 3 is a computer, we might even offer it on a built-to-order basis, customized to the needs of each and every user," Kutaragi is quoted as saying. "The hardware components have been designed in a modularized format with this possibility in mind." (Industry, PS3)

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ps3willrule  +   3454d ago
thats cool..not everybody will want to upgrade or buy new stuff but some people will..its kewl that hes giving people options.
FamoAmo  +   3454d ago
Just another gimmick (smoke in mirrors)
Sony is doing this as another step in making the Game Console look more like A computer. I don't blame them for wanting to save $ but the PS3 is no computer!!
TheMART  +   3453d ago
Right. Too much options is not good for a game console. Which should one thing very good. Play games. Standardization of the direct hardware used should be done. Otherwise you get PC problems of incompatibility
OutLaw  +   3454d ago
Just for the record
I post the news I don't write it.
joemutt  +   3454d ago
Great, I'll take mine with NO Blu-Ray!!!!
And a few other things I dont need! Should bring the price down to something realistic.
pandarus  +   3454d ago
Horrible Sony Propaganda
hate to be so negative here, but this is just complete and utter BS. there is zero possibility of anything like this. i sincerely hope that nobody believes that this could/will happen. i really wish that someone would shut this idiot up. i want to be excited for the ps3, but this guy time and again dampens any enthusiasm with his outrageous lies and propaganda
shotty  +   3454d ago
So why would people buy launch systems if better ones will be released the next year.
ic2muchtv  +   3454d ago
And what a pain for developers
Multiple hardware for one console will not make devs happy. More things to QA and more bugs to squash after the software has been released just like a PC.

I consider myself a knowledgable gamer but Sony is really making this very confusing for me. If I am confused I know the average Joe is going to have one hell of a time trying to figure this out.

Just to get this out of the way I am no Sony hater. I own both Playstations as well as every other console over the past 15 years. As of right now I will not be getting a PS3. I do not need a PC Ken, I already have more PCs than I need. The Playstation should be a console first period.

If Blue Ray is so important for gaming because developers need more space then a 60GB drive will not do the trick for fully downloadable games. This means you will only be able to fit maybe 4-6 downloadable games onto a 60GB HD.

Sony, hire a good PR firm instead of letting King Ken confuse the hell out of us gamers and start telling the TRUTH!

Also drop the Blue Ray player, the price, and QUIT calling it a PC because it is NOT a PC. If you do this a lot of people like myself will be more likely to buy this Homer Simpson automobile.
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achira  +   3454d ago
why does anyone buy computers, everyone knows that next year there will be a better one ???
ps3willrule  +   3454d ago
well i plan on buyingg it at launch from best buy with 3 year warranty so in late 2007 jus bring it back say its broke with something inside screwing up internet connection LOL i did it with my ps2 and to love best buy warranty's lol
shotty  +   3454d ago
LOL, I doing the samething with my xbox 360. I pretty sure in 3 years they will have a 200Gb harddrive, HD-DVD and whatnot. So buy it now and trade in after 3 years and get a new system.
ps3willrule  +   3454d ago
no hassle they jus give ya a new one rite there
bernie  +   3454d ago
Welcome to the Real World..
I'm Sorry to Wii on your parade, and I would like to see three companies doing well in the games market, but this idiot just needs to keep quiet! In 4 or 5 years time everyone will be getting excited about the next Xbox, Nintendo & Playstation all over again, we all know that, this isn't the second coming, its just another games machine. Marketing and hype can only go so far, before it sounds like b******t, Ken Kutaragi, my friend you passed that line long ago :)
Anerythristic26  +   3454d ago
Never going to happen
Basically this rumor is about Made to Order PS3'S , not going to happen. It will be a standard system in a box. Also this rumor was going around about the 360 before launch , same exact thoughts because the 360 is so ubgradeable with the different add ons.
DC RID3R  +   3454d ago
is it me!?!?!?!!?
what that little midge, or supa-midge(as they call him @ sony) Kutaragi needs, is an intensive course of brain -training on the DS!!!either that or i'm gonna have to personally beat some sense into that fool!!!!!
HyperBear  +   3454d ago
Wats the point
If ur making a computer instead of a gaming console, than wats the point of making games for it, and wats the point of having add-on things to it. If PS3 is a computer, they might as well work an agreement with M$ and then they can eliminate all the games being made for PS3, and have Windows as a software program on PS3, that way, you can put ur pc games into either ur PC or PS3, WATS THE F***ING point of making a Playstation, if its just gonna be a computer. Thats wat i thought Sony was, a true gaming company with PSX, PS, PSP, but now PS3 seems to be leading away from it. SONY PLEASE GO BACK TO YOUR OLDEN WAYS, or just quit making playstation altogether, and focus on making better Vaios.
HyperBear  +   3454d ago
How when M$ started in the gaming industry, they knew little or nuthing about it. Now that they are highly successful computer wizards, and almost successful gaming wizards too, Sony seems to be straying away from gaming, and going more into Computers, to see if they can beat out M$. WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN.
ps3willrule  +   3454d ago
sony isn't the only ones kickin there ass rite is owning them and now apple is beginning to..with bill leaving the guy hes bringin in is the guy that delayed vista fo a year and a half and there stock is doin bad rite now read up on it u'll find out.
shotty  +   3454d ago
Sony is getting hit from every angle even one of the sony execs said it. Companies like Samsung are threatening sony's TV business, Microsoft/Nintendo are chomping away at their gaming market, they music market is crushed by apple (remember sony connect people), they computers are terrible why enter the computer market we already have dell and HP, their movie business is in a slump with UMD failing and fox now have the rights to making all of MGM's movies.
ps3willrule  +   3454d ago
lol nothing beats google kickin MS a$$ rite now and ps2 outselling 360 when 360 shortage is gone 10 million shipped sold 4 how sad.....bill gates is jumpin ship out of no where...cause vista is goin to b sh!t probz its been like 2 years and they don't know if it'll b out by christmas....and yes apple is ripping them a new A$$Hole too.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3454d ago
lol an upgradeable ps3, what a joke, "Um yes Sony I need the new upgradeable chipset and all required hardware and throw me a HD-DVD player since the blu-ray failed
heihoosilver  +   3454d ago
anyone remember when xbox came out some people joke " hahaha xbox is just a computer disguise of a console? Isn´t a real console."
And now they buid a computer disguise as a console?
Give me a break.
Hei ps3rules what operative system do you have in your computer?
ps3willrule  +   3454d ago
blu ray isn't going to fail it has most support by almost triple and i use mac
HyperBear  +   3454d ago
Im sorry, but Windows kicks the SH!T out of mac. Like wtf does mac have, besides AppleWorks, and iTunes. Nuthin. They dont have games for Mac, unlike Games for Windows with Windows Vista, or Media Center or WMP like all Microsoft software computers have. MAC IS SH!T
Gh0stDrag0n  +   3454d ago
Is it one of the new ones, you know, that runs MS Windows? Don't forget Microsoft helped Apple out of the gutter once already.
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TheMART  +   3454d ago
3% of all computers run Mac something over 90% runs Windows. THere you go...
TheXgamerLive  +   3453d ago
Blu ray can and will fail................
Get your facts straight, no it's not almost triple the support, in fact as of now, today its almost equal. It's now blu ray that's going to lose support over coming months as per bu ray problems. HD-DVD will win but the whole battle may take several years but reguardless, pd3 and the blu ray movies etc... will all fail. Wrong product idea at the wrong time for the wrong machine. Sony is dropping the ball big time this go round. XBOX 360 will rule and the Wii doesnt have the adult line up, it will do well w/kids but that's it. Microsoft and the XBOX 360 will come through shining as it's a great plan already falling into place, but sony is hurting it's loyal base and all those who had previously invested time and money. Sorry but I think, no ps3 this year at all and definately no blu ray. One company MS will have it all w/ live anywhere, all XBOX 360 and all Windows Vista PC's will be able to play any and all games through "LIVE". Life is good for us:))
Grown Folks Talk  +   3453d ago
exactly, you use mac
just like ssj04. keep giving more clues. maybe you're going for the guiness record for most banned user IDs. good luck.
sonyISgod   3454d ago | Spam
sonyISgod  +   3454d ago
WOw polar Bear, are you cold up in the northpole? Ooh my bad I forgot that you own a 360 to keep you warm.

So my statment about M$ copying a MAC OS is BS you said? Well I think someone is a complete moron here, whom know noting but M$ being the best in his so call life. You are so pathetic that you can't even see a reality even if is in front of you, You only look into fairy land where you and your 360 friends spend most of your pathetic time at. You are one funny 360 fan that have no idea of what he is saying. You sound like you are on crack at the moment, oOh wait... It look more like all time to me. hhahah such a pathetic and saddd lil moronic person you are. ahahha
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3454d ago
no, bear and his 360 friends spend their days playing next gen games, right now.

The Real Deal  +   3454d ago
SonyisGod you read SonyisGOds it and think about the guy in Dodgeball the movie...Thats who's voice I think about when I read his posts. lol...its hilarious. You know they guy I'm talking about. He was fat but then he owned a gym and called people names but it was only because he was selfconcious. lol.. He has that geeky voice when he you have seen the movie you will know what i'm talking about. Its too funny.
HyperBear  +   3454d ago
and wat are you Sony F*CK BOYS DOING with your PS3's. Oh yea, thats right, Its not out yet, hmmm so much for cooking on the PS3 grill in Spring eh SONYGOD. yea that Spring launch was sooo cool, it almost felt like it didnt even come. man did I miss something cool or wat
HyperBear  +   3454d ago
LOL, yea.
That movie was hillarious. He also reminds me off that kid that got squashed by that fat women and his head was shoved right into her ass. LOL
joemutt  +   3454d ago
I picture him a monkey in a spacesuit.......
Banging on a keyboard with his fists, and accidentally hitting enter, and his posts are the results.

He is a monkey accidentally posting on a website! How funny.
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TheMART  +   3453d ago
ssj again with another nickname. Please man go and type:





for us again. Did you get that dumb because you owned a PS1 and PS2 and now are waiting for something called the PSZero?
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3454d ago
Future prediction on Kutaragi
Tommorow, Kutaragi's new comments:

"The PS3 will in fact be god, yes thats right, god. it will be everything to everyone. no, we dont have any proof of this, but hey, we are sony so you must believe it and accept it and give me all your money as you don't even deserve it. oh and PS3 REALLY ISN'T SCREWED. No really. It isn't. Look. shiny silver colour!"
*runs off as fast as his little legs will carry him*
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sonyISgod  +   3454d ago
You're right about one thing thoug.
Sony is GOD, and all of you 360 fans are pathetic fool whom see noting but green spot. hahahah ahhaha so true.
The Real Deal  +   3454d ago
lol...thats too funny. Thelandofsand...thats how we look at Sonyisgod but he doens't understand how he looks to others. Its way too funny. He just don't get how he looks and sounds. We do. Good one.
The Real Deal  +   3454d ago you read SonyisGOds it and think about the guy in Dodgeball the movie...Thats who's voice I think about when I read his posts. lol...its hilarious. You know they guy I'm talking about. He was fat but then he owned a gym and called people names but it was only because he was selfconcious. lol.. He has that geeky voice when he you have seen the movie you will know what i'm talking about. Its too funny.
sonyISgod  +   3454d ago
"The Real Deal"
Only Fat peoples go around and calling others fat and ugly. YOu must be one fugly person and fat ass as well. YOu seem to miss yourself in this category. You try to sound funny but peoples see you as an ignorance person whom can't see beyond himself and M$ 360. You claim to be a true gamer but yet you fail to realize that you are simply a 360 gamer. You claim to know everything and have proof to support your claim but when ask for proof, you present a outdateded/BS from the past. You claim to be buying all 3 next generation system but yet, Sometime you let your anger out and the truth also came out as well. You claim to be smart but you can't seem to notice every post of your is full of ignorance comment. You claim to be cool but you seem to fail in trying to be one.
So why should I even care anymore to even look at your post, when it's noting more than just BS, hell even your 360 members seem to ignore your ignorance comment as well. I guess I'm not the only one whom seen you as a moron. Right?
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sonyISgod  +   3454d ago
"THELANDOFSAND" spent there days playing 360?
WOW you must be right huh? He probably hook up his 360 to his Computer as well that is why he manage to get on this website and play his 360 as the same time, and same gone to all of you 360 fans. It seem more like all of you are bored of your 360 already and feel that is useless, that is why all of you 360 fans are all up in here on this website all day long everydays. If I'm wrong, please take your time to tell us and the world of why are you stuck on the PS3 website and not your 360 system?
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sonyISgod  +   3454d ago
I think you should go here and join your 360 friends. " amp; amp; quot; I think they are having an amazingly HOT BBQ right now. You might want to bring load of fire resistant solution as well ok, because from what I heard. The BBQ is burning hot as hell. LOL
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joemutt  +   3454d ago
The reason I am here and not playing my 360...........
Is because all my friends are playing it!

I cant even play when they come over, they love it.

When I am not playing my 360, someone else is, its on 8-10 hours a day, and no overheating problems. Its even in cabinet with no airflow, doesnt bother it at all.
HyperBear  +   3454d ago
I think he needs to go to, and maybe check out all the cool accessories that PS3 users can get when they buy the George Forman PS3 Grill. You know, like the all new PS3 Flipper, flips burgers within a minute, the new 2.5 Propane tank, will last 1 full day now, and who can forget the all new, totally restored grill, that will melt when you turn it on. All this can be yours if you can just get the F*ck off this site.
OutLaw  +   3454d ago
Ken Kutaragi is crazy
I feel Ken has some type of dream that he could take Bill Gates on his own turf. If I was Ken just concentrate on the PS3. There is no way in this whole world that he could convince me that the PS3 is a PC. This is why Sony fans look bad because you would defend this guy till the end. Even when he does nothing more than insult peoples intelligence.
sonyISgod  +   3454d ago
PS3 as a Computer:
PS3 as a Computer:

Linux OS
20gb or 60gb 2.5 HardDrive
Web surfing
Play MMORPG games (using keyboard and mouse)
Keyboard and Mouse
Cell Prossesor
RSX Graphic Chip

For thoes who don't know what a Linux OS is go here.
OutLaw  +   3454d ago
okay than if we need to look at it like that
I already have two PC's with Windows XP. So there is no need for a third (PS3) PC. So I pass on this one.
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THELANDSOFSAND  +   3454d ago

silly sonyisgod.

i thought you wanted to buy a game console? don't you already have a pc?
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3454d ago
Listen up.
Ok, mr.sonyisgod, i shall make this very clear and type slowly for you as it is clear that your language skills are a little.. er... anyway! on with the points:

1- Actually, due to microsoft's extreme skill with coding and GUI interfaces I can link my xbox up to my pc. It's fu(king awesome. I'm sorry your (dream) PS3 is not capable of that. Don't cry, i'm sure sony will find someone to copy from soon! EVIDENCE HERE DUMBA$$:

2- 360's dont have overheating problems. everyone knows this is a old overblown rumor that sony fans (like yourself) promote. you look weak with that as your only argument. personally, my xbox is next to my monitor with very little space around it, i leave it on all day and play randomly between working. no overheating problems. sorry. maybe you could try the new Sony BBQ appliance that will use the 'super mega ultra CELL chip' to control its cooking functions. EVIDENCE HERE FOR YOU DUMBA$$:

3- i've been playing for 20 years and have owned 17 different consoles and handhelds. i started playing on a machine with rubber keys and a cassette to load games, and it still looked more promising than your fabled PS3. I'm about to bust through 5000 on my gamerscore, but you don't know what that means do you, because you aren't a gamer, you are a little kid who likes PS2 games.

4- i come to this site a lot because it's the best place for gaming news- i considered the PS3 way back in november 2005, and even then it looked like sony had blown it. Now I come to see how they are doing (poorly, worse every day) and I have to deal with g1mps like you who have nothing to contribute other than blind devotion to sony. Do you really think that everything sony has done with PS3 was a good decision?

5- just a buy a 360, nothing would give me more pleasure than a COD2 or Halo 2 deathmath with you sony guys.

6- after seeing that video of the little kid throwing a fit that was around here a while ago, i find it hard not to imagine sonyisgod as that little kid everytime he rants. just goofy, not fat!
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3454d ago
oh yeah, here he is!
sonyisgod? is that you?

OutLaw  +   3454d ago
You're hilarious. I seen this before and I have to say that's exactly how I pictured him.

I just looked at it again and I have to say that this is one of the most disturbed and hilarious person around. I'm laughing so hard that I'm crying right now.
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sonyISgod  +   3454d ago
So your opinion speak for everyone on this planet? You claim to only love FPS type of games and that is why you love your 360 so much. Just because of Halo, your 360 had became your pride and honor you said? You claim to be a gamer whom are willing to surpass his spending limite over "$4900" on games alone, but yet find a PS3 pricing at $500 to $600 to be exreamly expansive.

You talk about how awsome is was to beable to link your 360 to your PC. You are not considering of thoes whom are using Mac OS or Linux OS. For thoes whom have Mac or Linux will not see it value as much as you see it. The PS3 on the other hand do not need to link to any computers, simply because it already have a build in OS which you could use it as a PC. With a Linux OS, The possibility is endless when compare to M$ Windows.

Your a FPS gamer whom see noting much in others gern. You could claim all you want and yell to the top of your lung about how great your Halo game is, but for many others peoples out there that are not so into shooting type of games. They will not find Halo much amusing. They are many different kind of peoples living on this planet and every single individual have there own though and mind plus taste as well. You bash the PS3 bashing off of your own believed that Sony had lie to you and under promising the consumers. My question for is that, are you really going to use 2 HDMI output? from every single 360 fans that I had came across are all claiming that they do not need a HDMI port to play next generation games. They said that "why should they put it in for, when we don't ever have an HDTV to begain with". They claim it with such belief but when trying to bash the PS3, the 2x HDMI port subject come about in almost every post. I remember back in 2005 when Sony claim to put 2x HDMI port on the PS3, and the 360 fans still have reason to bash the PS3 on the same subject about it having too much component and they don't need it and are not intented to use it.

You claim the news about the 360 having an overheating problem is noting more than a lie made up by Sony fans. "oOh yes Sony fans ran out to camp for the 360 inorder to bring it hope and watch it overheat and rush to the forums board and made up the lie". How could this be a lie when M$ themselve had come out and admited to take back every sytem that are overheating and will fix it with no cost?

So all of the PS3 games are noting more than CGI correct? If so than what do you make up the peoples that are playing it on the E3 floor 2006? Are thoes peoples are all been paid by Sony and to pretain that they all are playing a real games?

You claim to be a hardcore gamer but you fail to relize that hardcore gamers doesn't limite themselve to only one gern of game. Real Hardcore gamers, they all are multi-gern player. You can't be a hardcore gamer when you only like one kind of game.

Last but not lease, you act like PS3 doesn't have any FPS games on it at all. The PS3 are coming out with tone of Shooters games for the next generation. What Sony have that M$ doesn't have is Multi-Gern.
##? (Edited 3454d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3454d ago
yes, i'm a hardcore gamer. read it and weep.
um no, i didn't say half of that. I love all different genres of game, all i said is that it would be fun to play halo 2 against you. in fact fps are not my favorite.

most people use windows, not mac or linux. sorry. most people don't want to spend $600+ on a game console/pc linux/household appliance/whatever ken decides it is.

and lets be clear- i act like the PS3 has very few good games in any genre coming out. which is true.
##?.1 (Edited 3454d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sonyISgod  +   3454d ago
And yet you still think your opinion speak for everyone on this planet. Next time choose your word wisely.
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3454d ago
i speak for myself, is that a problem for you?
sonyISgod  +   3454d ago
"most people don't want to spend $600+ on a game console/pc linux/household appliance/whatever ken decides it is."

Try and look at your own word and tell of whom are you speaking for when saying most?
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3454d ago
it's a fact dumba$$, check the public opinion polls all over the net.
#27.1 (Edited 3454d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Gh0stDrag0n  +   3454d ago
My refridgerator cost me $750, does that count? I wonder if Ken can put a CELL in it?
#27.2 (Edited 3454d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sonyISgod  +   3454d ago
And you think only SOny fans vote on that poll? You dismiss the fact that Nintendo and M$ fans are on that poll as well. You are not considering webpoll are openly to every member of the website, and in every gaming website, there are alot of nintendo and m$ fans as well as sony.
HyperBear  +   3454d ago
So what your stating is that your a hardcore gamer that likes every genre of games. Well at least thelandofsand will admit, and i will even admit that the PS3 doesnt look that bad, and we are pretty much Xbox 360 people. Am i right?. But if your gonna tell me that your an all-around gamer that only stands up for Sony and thinks Xbox sucks, then my friend, you've got problems. Not only can you not spell correctly, or stay on topic, or even know what your saying half the time, but you continuously put Xbox 360 down, and if your saying we are not hardcore gamers, than wtf are you on?. All you've done on this site is stick up for Sony everytime one of us says something bad about PS3. I was looking forward to buying a PS3, cause I am an all-around gamer. I have PSP, and PS2 and love them(not as much as my Xbox & 360), but i still play them every once in a while. But now that I've met you and a few other @$$holes on here, i dont think i would want be playing games on a console that everyone ive talked to so far, put other systems down, because its not Sony, and think PS3 is the center of the world. like I said, Sylvan Learning Center has a sale on retardedness and people needing help with making friends, on right now, 50% off, better hurry up and register.
TheMART  +   3454d ago
The strength of a game console is that it has the same hardware, almost the same spec's and so on. Not to be a computer with too many choices.

That will make too much incompatible. Same stupid problems with playing games as is on PC.

Ken is nuts
Sony lies

new name:

The Real Deal  +   3453d ago
What makes 360 Next Gen?
The Hardware
While the original Xbox functioned fairly well, it wasn't exactly pleasing to the eye. Microsoft went to two design companies to make sure the Xbox 360 was visually impressive for gamers across the world. The end result is a console that can stand vertically or horizontally, and looks more like a high-end electronics device than a gaming console. In most people's eyes, that's a good thing.
The front of the console features two memory card slots and has 3 USB ports. You can buy an adapter if you need more usb ports if needed easlily turning 3 usb ports into 7 usb ports. The premium bundle comes with a detachable upgradable hard drive that sits on the top of the console when it's positioned vertically, and on the left side of the console in its horizontal position. Compared to the original Xbox, the 360 is actually about the same size. In addition, it's heavier than it looks. Similar to how the Dreamcast was much heavier than it looked.
You can power the console on and off via the wired or wireless controllers for easy access. When the console is running, it is easily one of the most quiet consoles we've had the pleasure of using. With no other sound in the room, we had to strain to hear the soft hum of the Xbox 360.
The Dashboard
The original Xbox dashboard was rarely used. Unless you were adding friends to your Xbox Live account, or changing your audio and video settings there wasn't much of a reason to go there. It didn't help that the only way to really access the dash was by powering on the console without a game. This will not be the case with the Xbox 360, as the dashboard is something you'll probably be using quite a bit.
First and foremost, you can access the dashboard at any time. There are two different versions of the dash. You've got the dash tab (as we've come to refer to it as), which is accessed by pressing the Guide button on the Xbox 360 controller. This will automatically pause your game and pull up a tab covering about a third of the screen. From here you can access your friend's list, send and receive messages and view the players who you've recently played over Xbox Live. You can also start up a private chat session with anyone on your friend's list, change your personal settings, access the custom soundtrack feature included in every 360 game, or exit out of the game and head to the full dashboard.
Once you've entered the full dashboard you'll be met with four tabs: Xbox Live, Games, Media and System. The Xbox Live tab is just like it was on the original Xbox, only much better looking and with the ability to access the XBL Marketplace. The Marketplace allows you to download free game demos and trailers or purchase gamer card avatars, dashboard themes and Xbox Live Arcade titles.
The Games tab is your one stop shop for everything having to do with Xbox 360 games. You can view your achievements, recently played games, access Xbox Live Arcade, and check out demos and trailers. The Media tab provides access to music, pictures, video and your Media Center PC. Finally, the System tab grants access to your basic system functions. This includes changing any system settings, network settings, parental controls, and memory management.
The Xbox 360 is all that and a bag of chips. With every game supporting 720p (1280x720) or 1080i (1080 x 1920)It's very difficult to find a flaw in Microsoft's grand plan for the next generation of gaming. From Xbox Live Arcade to remote power on to integrated custom soundtrack features, from the vision camera, and HD-Dvd drive add on. It really does seem as though Microsoft has all the pieces in place for a successful run with the Xbox 360. Of course, the console is nothing without great games, but looking at the E3 lineup of all the exclusive games scheduled to hit in 2006 and beyond, the Next Gen machine isn't doing too shabby in that regard either. With Live Anywhere there will be over 100 million gamers connected online. Then with Microsofts Revelutionary XNA toolset coming out later this year, the games will look drastically better than anything we have seen thusfar. Sony, the ball is now in your court. And from the delays and lackluster E3 2006 lineup...You are definately fumbling at this point with only a few months to go until your launch.
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