3 Reasons Why Steam Should Be Sweating over the Epic Games Store

A new challenger is approaching the arena of digital distribution: The Epic Games store. As if having the biggest game in the world wasn't enough.

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Profchaos12d ago

All these clients I need to install it's just painful steam, origin, Uplay, etc makes me almost want to go back to discs

Gaming4Life198112d ago

Yea andI know I'm in the minority but all the clients and needing to constantly update drivers or tweak ini files and bad optimization etc, I'm giving gaming on PC a break. I went back to console gaming and so far I'm loving being back with everything being in one place and ease of use. Sure games are more pricey if not on sale but I'll take it over PC gaming for right now

Profchaos12d ago

I don't think you're in the minority I've got a rtx 2070 build and I find myself still picking up more games on my ps4 as I'm over the complexity of of games at times and troubleshooting my PC I work in IT the last thing I want to do is fix my own things after a long day

Plus lately nothing has really impressed me enough graphically to think I must push this to it's limits. I got into PC gaming with crysis and back then the leap from console to of was insane these days with the X and the pro it's not as staggering

AK9112d ago

I'm interested to see where this goes and how it will effect Steam's gigantic userbase.