Report: PlayStation Classic Has 36 Hidden Games Sony Hasn't Enabled

The PlayStation Classic reportedly has a variety of hidden games tucked away in its source code, from Tomb Raider, to Silent Hill, to Crash Bandicoot, and more. Sony hasn't enabled these games, though the files are said to appear in full.

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UltraNova8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Question is, can users enable/activate them somehow?

On another note, PS Classic is firmly stuck as PlayStation's 2018 biggest fail.

2pacalypsenow8d ago

"On another note, PS Classic is firmly stuck as PlayStation's 2018 biggest fail."

I don't know about that, Fallout 76 is much worse.

UltraNova8d ago

Sony did not make F76. Sony(PlayStation) made the PS Classic.

bouzebbal8d ago

now that's some serious sh**
enable them and i'll buy it

Brave_Losers_Unite8d ago

"PS Classic is firmly stuck as PlayStation's 2018 biggest fail." Which is a positive thing if thats the biggest failure.

ElementX8d ago

Fallout 76 was expected to bomb after details of the game emerged (i.e. no real quests, no npcs, etc). Sony is believed to be god-like and can never do anything wrong according to the fanboys, however they released something that is actually pretty awful according to reports. PS Classic is probably the biggest fail because people expected so much better from Sony.

THC CELL8d ago

Sells out in my store and amazon not a fail

kreate8d ago

"I don't know about that, Fallout 76 is much worse."

Genderfield V?

Vokun138d ago

I didn't pay much attention to the PS Classics release. Why is it considered a disappointment/failure? Is it because the selection of games?

BlackTar1878d ago

Be prepared for selective reasoning and bias when he responds.

Servbot418d ago

No, that would be Sony California's insane censorship policies.

bluefox7558d ago

Oh, you have the sales numbers? Or are we just doing "Let's hate on Sony" circlejerk?

UltraNova8d ago (Edited 8d ago )


No I dont have them, do you? Anyhow, I wasn't basing my conclusion on sales performance but on public lackluster, mostly negative reception. The favt that Sony the very same company that puts out top quality hardware amd software did not bother with the Mini PS and just slapped the open source emulator in the box is very dissapointing in my eyes. That and the games catalog is not what I call PS1 iconics.
But my major beef with Sony is that they did not even try to one up Nintendo's effort. I guess I expected a lot more from them.

Just my2 cents.

Rimeskeem8d ago

TBF, if that is the biggest fail this year they didnt fail to hard

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Neonridr8d ago

Wow.. that could be really awesome.

pcz8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

what would be awesome is those games actually being playable. bits of data buried deep within the code is not whoah or wow... just meh.

if these games were playable sony would not hesitate to shout from the rooftops they were part of the included line-up. ie they wouldn't hide them deep in code and instead decide to launch a product consisting of 80percent crap fillers.

I doubt this story is true.

just face it, PS1 classic is a lame missed opportunity. no amount of spin, wishful thinking or optimism (delusion) will change that.

Neonridr8d ago

sure, we don't know the real specifics until more digging is done. Simply being listed in the source code isn't 100% proof of anything. Could just be old data that Sony forgot to clean up.

SierraGuy8d ago

"just face it, PS1 classic is a lame missed opportunity. no amount of spin, wishful thinking or optimism (delusion) will change that."

I thought you were talking about the 1X for a second.

BlackTar1878d ago

I like the game selection, you should probably lead with this is my opinion cause that's all it is.

giovanealex8d ago

@SierraGuy oh, you are so edgy. You must be the star of the parties.
More luck next time, kid.

CrimsonPheonix8d ago

moron if they shouted it from the roof tops they'd also have to pay all those companies licensing fees. this device was always just meant to be hacked.

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Asuka8d ago

... and for an additional $19.99 you can have them all! ... what a trainwreck this thing ended up being smh

veicht8d ago

From the article: "It’s unclear why these games didn’t make the cut for Sony, though the company has stated there will be no post-launch games for the system, indicating that they won’t make an appearance on the mini-console in the future."

Given that, and under the assumption that this is true, it seems more likely that the games would have been possible titles that were cut / not supported for one reason or another. Maybe licensing issues, maybe just a a choice of what to offer and failing to remove them, who can say.

Asuka8d ago

yeah that is true and more than likely it was a licensing issue. It just really urks me to see what could have been assuming these are legit. But my problem is not so much the specific games listed here, but the fact we could have had more games than the initial 20 listed for $99.

elazz8d ago

I think since some games are different depending on the region they might have opted for a way to just activate and deactivate depending on where it's sold. We know that Europe is different Japan but maybe some other regions are slightly different too.

SierraGuy8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

The data will be copied, offloaded, and then reloaded as a CD image from the boot menu which is accessible with certain keyboards once fully hacked which should be any day now.

The enthusiast crowd thanks Sony for those extra 36 titles.

pyroxxx8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I call bs,.. This article is retarded,.. just quoting some twiter post from nobody and running with it

Where would they be stored on? PS1 games aren't exactly nes rom in size ,.. just the games listed in this tweet are around 15 + GB in size

Tross8d ago

I'll take your word for it. I can't read code, and even if the names of the games are in there somewhere, I'm not scrolling down to find needles in haystacks. I'll hold out for a full list in English. The Twitter link in the article doesn't work.

Neonridr8d ago

@Tross - yeah, it doesn't confirm anything. Only that the titles were listed there. Could just be useless information that Sony forgot to clean up as maybe they had a much larger list to start from.

Until we know for sure that the actual game files are there, this really means nothing. But there is at least some information to back it up.

Goldenarmz8d ago

@tross you could do like a i did and use the "find" feature of your web browser. But here it is:

if (isTitleName(CHOCOBOS_JP) ||
> isTitleName(CRASH_BANDICOOT_ EU) ||
> isTitleName(PARASITE_EVE_DIS C_1_JP) ||
> isTitleName(PARASITE_EVE_DIS C_1_US) ||
> isTitleName(PARASITE_EVE_DIS C_2_JP) ||
> isTitleName(PARASITE_EVE_DIS C_2_US) ||
> isTitleName(SAGAFRONTIER_JP) ||
> isTitleName(SUIKODEN_EU) ||
> isTitleName(SUIKODEN_JP) ||
> isTitleName(SUIKODEN_US) ||
> isTitleName(TOMBA_JP) ||
> isTitleName(TOMBA_US) ||
> isTitleName(VAGRANT_STORY_EU ) ||
> isTitleName(VAGRANT_STORY_US ) ||

Thats just some that is listed.

Sgt_Slaughter8d ago

When you go off for no reason when there's proof.

kaholahi8d ago

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BenRoxio8d ago

It's just a rumor, nobody has confirmed it to be true. Why are you reporting this as news?

Neonridr8d ago

apparently the titles are listed in the source code

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