Quantic Dream Collection featuring Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human for $40

Sony has issued a surprise drop of the Quantic Dream Collection which bundles the developer's three highly acclaimed titles in a single package.

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anonymousfan111d ago

Looks like a pretty good deal :)

badz149111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

WTF?? out fo freakin nowhere! I've been holding off from buying Detroit due to my strict schedule but this? we've already gotten both HR and B2S from PS+ but to be getting all 3 like this just for $40?? sign me in! will this be available as physical release? and hopefully it will come to other regions too

Chevalier111d ago

They're out in the wild. That collection just came out in Canada on tuesday.

Sevir111d ago

It's time this studio comes into the WWS family as a first party deveoper

porkChop111d ago

I believe they want to remain independent like Insomniac.

UltraNova111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

I believe you should not believe devs on that front since a big enough check can instantly reverse their...prior wishes. (See Ninja Theory as the latest example).

QD specifically I 'm not sure they'd survive without Sony publishing their niche games so if Sony really wanted to acquire them they would by now.

Chevalier111d ago (Edited 111d ago )


Then you'd be wrong. They've been open to being acquired by Sony and have admitted that they would join if Sony offered in multiple interviews throughout the years

Thats 2 interviews mentioning that he would be open to being a 1st party studio and the most recent one he talks about being exclusive to Sony for 12 years

porkChop110d ago

I actually don't remember seeing those articles, but that's interesting. They'd certainly be a good buy for Sony. Though if QD are so open to becoming first party then I'm surprised Sony hasn't already bought them.

Tross111d ago

I'm so glad I waited on Detroit. I really want to play it but had other games on the go at the time. I have the original Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls on PS3, but it will be nice to have them remastered on PS4.

badz149111d ago

aren't you on PS+ already? they have given both games remastered on PS4 for PS+

Tross111d ago

Really? I don't do online multiplayer often, and usually when people I know want to get together and play, so I'll get Plus for that but otherwise I haven't bothered with it. I haven't dabbled much with the free games either, though it's great that that's a thing. I already played both of the previous Quantic Dream titles on the PS3 so any interest I have in a remastered version is more about the novelty of knowing that if I want to play those games again on my PS4, I can. In this case I'm mostly interested in Detroit as I don't already have that, but I'll take the remastering of two other great games.

Elda111d ago

I have all 3 for the PS4 Pro already.

Darkwatchman111d ago

No need to specify Pro as Detroit is the only enhanced game

Elda111d ago

Let me rephrase it for you...I have all 3 games downloaded on my PS4 that better??? Smh.

Skankinruby111d ago

No need to specify that he doesn't need to specify that he has them on the pro either.....just sayin

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