Red Dead Online's Absurd In-Game Economy Might Have Been Intentional

Rockstar might have set the bars high, intentionally enough to take in feedback from players and later play the "we hear you and we'll make changes" act. A perfect win-win situation.

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ArchangelMike105d ago

I think the in-game economy was intentionally set the way it was because of microtransactions. They probably did anticipate "player feedback" (aka fan backlash), and simply had a plan B to adjust for "player feedback". Take Two will no doubt still want profits from RDR2 to be record breaking, so don't expect the in-game economy to work against the microtransactions.

EazyC104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

From a shareholder perspective, GTA Online was 100% the greatest possible model to employ in pure financial terms. Idiot consumers validated this a thousand times over by generating astronomical revenue for T2/R*

What I'm hoping is that RDR 2 players are a bit more mature and make a stand against this shit. I've never spent a penny of MTs and I never will, I just wish other people acted the same. We'd be so much better off. And I'm not saying that in a self-righteous manner.

CaptainObvious878104d ago

I know what you're saying.

I would never take away someones right to purchase legal goods of their choosing, but people that buy MTs that have zero understanding of what they're doing, or worse, do know the consequences of their support for this and just don't care, severely severely agitate me.

lociefer105d ago

Of course it is, if they were aiming for a 10, then they would start with a 20, and due to them "listening to players feedback" they will dial it down to an 18, they win either way. Basically they are stretching how much they can get away with

EazyC104d ago

Gives a new meaning to 'stress tests', just seeing how far they can bend people until they break

TheSaint104d ago

Put my copy on Ebay already due to the BS in online. R* have gone from one of my favorite companies to one of my most disliked in one game.

I know I'll likely get lots of disagrees for this but if you want the old R* back you need to speak with your wallet.

TrialNterror105d ago

Ofcourse this is intentional, seeing how thoroughly detailed the singleplayer experience is, it's nowhere near likely that they have not thought of incentivizing the use of microtransactions through deliberate changes to the online economy. Seeing how much they are giving though, it seems reasonable to do so though as the amount of content included is borderline ludicrous.

EazyC104d ago

It is kinda hard to complain when the game in its entirety is just phenomenal. I know there are people who disagree, but in sheer content terms you have to agree.

obidanshinobi105d ago

Really? you think ?
No shit Sherlock.
Of course it was intentional, you think the top execs at Take Two are gamers?
They don't know any other way now other than to try and exploit their customer base.
It's in their blood, it's why their in business and the shareholders demand ever increasing profits.

EazyC104d ago

It's a two-way street though, I'm sure RDR 2 wouldn't have been as earth - shatteringly good as it is had GTA Online not generated such absurd profits. It pains me to say that too because I hated it and wanted SP content for GTA V

MajorLazer104d ago

Was just about to say, you'd have to be a moron to think this is anything other than intentional

Rachel_Alucard105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Thank you captain obvious, are you gonna tell me Black ops 4 was too?

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