Sony Japan President Says Ps4 Censorship Policy Is To Match Global Standards And Protect Kids

“Regarding the regulation of the depiction of content, it’s simply a matter of matching global standards.

“As for the freedom of expression… we have to think about what might be unpleasant for children and shield them from those things while also thinking and assessing ways to find a balance [for that expression].”

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AspiringProGenji9d ago

We'll see how this plays out in the future. personally I am not concerned at least yet

SegaGamer9d ago

Ignore it now and it will only get worse.

AspiringProGenji9d ago

True but it seems they are only doing this with niche Japanese games

FinalFantasyFanatic8d ago

All of a sudden, I get the feeling that PC gaming will become even more popular in Japan now. I'm very disappointed in Sony right now.

Aeery8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

It's pretty obvious this is only an excuse for something they don't want to share.
Sony, this is big brother all around and don't be arrogant thinking you should replace parents.

Do not go full retard with this crap ...

S2Killinit8d ago

Well, how do the other console manufacturers deal with this type of situation?

VariantAEC8d ago

Nah man obviously we can't worry about that right now. It's trendy to hate on Playstation again!
Seriously Nintendo and Microsoft will be forced to do the same if this is the result of SJWs. Just look what happened to Steam a few earlier this year.
People have really short attention spans these days.

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annoyedgamer9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

That's how it starts. American moralism is effectively pervasive. Our art is censored starting with the imagination. The stories are already cleaned of sexual content. You will notice that violence is not on the chopping block.

Morita is literally parroting one of the oldest American excuses for moralism in the book.."for the children"

I am an American by birth, born and lived here. Trust me when I warn you, he is copying American moralism and is is going to ruin them.

Nitrowolf29d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Lol they used the same excuse with cross-play about the reason it not there was to protect the children

This seems so weird to me. I’m not into these games at all (well I started Catherine if that counts) but yet Sony’s major titles are rated m titles filled with excessive gore and language. Even if they are rated M, they are exposed to tons of kids out there.

Heck, as someone who works in people homes, from time to time I’ll run into maybe an 8 years old swearing and yelling over the mic playing fortnite.

It’s such a hypocritical response, especially when you have a f2p shooter where you have zero control over monitor what people do in it.

To me, this responsibility should fall on the parent.

This will have a trickle effect, especially in Japan

FTANK8d ago

Just because it isnt targeted now doesnt mean it wont be next

Rude-ro8d ago

And your point is backed up by what? Not history or reality.
More foul language allowed on national tv.
Half naked people.
Topics of any kind.
2-livecrew? Do not remember them ever getting “censored”.
Adding age restrictions to things, but that is not censorship.
Hyporebole by the very definition unless you can actually provide how “censorship” has ruined things.
And once again, age restrictions is not censorship

Gameseeker_Frampt8d ago

I'd take American moralism over Japanese moralism any day. It is amusing watching you get all upset and defend a country that censors its pornography. Japan created hentai and all of its other weird fetishes to get around the fact that it is illegal to see genitalia in pornography.

rainslacker8d ago

*Meanwhile on Game of Thrones

Seriously, this perception that western, or American media is somehow against sex or sexual content is just wrong. There's a lot of stupid social media criticism about it, but some of the most popular shows on TV, or now streaming services, are full of provocative content.

Games get more attention for this kind of crap, because it can't seem to shake that stigma that its some kind of kids toy. But Sony knows as well as anyone that the average age of gamers is over 30, and the vast majority of gamers are actually over 25.

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darthv728d ago

Protect kids.... wasnt that a reason for no crossplay as well?

FTANK8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

People have said this for decades with the socialist mission creep and the frauds in politics, industry, and media.

We heard everything from dismissing the extent of illegal immigration, voter fraud, conspiracies over global migration, increased prohibition of freedom to firearms, stealing due process, stealing property rights, stealing free speech, proven conspiracies by governments to fund and build up their own enemies- we heard guarantees that a certain political party was never going to go socialist amd that there is no move toward a global totalitarian government.
Every one of these aforementioned things were agendas whored out to us by our entertainment and their public figures propagandizing us into acceptance or at the minimum indifference, and now you're telling us to ride it out until its too late to do fuck-all about it and see how it plays out?

rainslacker8d ago

I expect TLOU2 to not show any of that sexy ankle action. If they do...God help them or I'm going to go complain on social media.

I have no clue why some people think that today's social standards are about equivalent to 1850's wardrobe expectations, and even less idea why some companies enact policies that are obviously going to be unequally implemented based on market presence. Sony's policy pretty much means a watered down GTA, no nudity, because you can't say Japanese games are not right when you have it in your own games. And people are going to use this reason against Sony to say, "If you care, then you'd also censor this". Which Sony will have to ignore because they know it would destroy them if they tried to do it, as they'd lose publisher and developer support in droves.

There are just some things that these console makers have to fight against, and censorship is one of them. Doing this because they're trying to protect their own image is bad.

Sony wants to meet global standards, but seems to have no interest in matching it's actual customer's expectations.

So....Sony, here's a tip for you. We are paying customers. We don't adhere to global standards. We like what we like, and we like what you did before, which was stay out of being the arbiter of what kind of content is appropriate. Some things like kiddie porn...fine, but the rest is just stupid and pretentious, and your customers see thought it But I suppose you will get some credit from the group of social media puritans for a day or two. Good job I suppose.

Asuka8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I can tell you how the future plays out. With me not buying anything PlayStation if this continues.

Censorship = no buy.

What really urks me is the whole "protect" the kids crap. Piss off

gamer78048d ago

thats a pretty terrible standard, just wait until it becomes a massive problem, as there are already changes being made to games on one console and not others.

CaptainObvious8788d ago

"global standards"? What global standards? Who exactly is the authority setting these "standards"? Oh, you mean the sexist, authoritarian SJW journalist that hate gaming, hate their audience, constantly demonise the male gamers at every opportunity and don't actually buy your products? You mean those hateful people?

Also, there's already something in place protecting children. It's called THE FING RATINGS SYSTEM!

I'm a big soyney fan, but this is really pissing me off.

TomatoDragon8d ago

Then you are part of the problem.

Christopher8d ago

Question: is the choice to either publish at a higher rating (18+/AO rating) or is Sony forcing censorship on even those games? I mean, I'd understand wanting age ratings to matter, but is Sony outright just saying not to AO at this point or are people unwilling to have their games upped to certain ratings in general?

dumahim8d ago

It isn't about AO. Nintendo has been letting stuff get through that Sony is having censored.

Christopher8d ago

@dumahim: What I mean is to say is Sony requiring an AO rating for something that others might not require as such or is it just straight up censorship without regard to ratings at all?

gangsta_red8d ago

Imo it has everything to do with the type of games they're enforcing this type of censorship on. (Something I don't see a lot of comments mentioning)

Most of these games that have this censorship feature women that look underage or some type of game play where having the player perform acts on them while they look distressed.

It's that strange creepiness that can really only be found in a lot of Japanese coulture that people in other countries probably wouldn't understand or may find offensive.

With PS4 being more of a world wide brand and a lot of these games being sold over seas, Sony probably doesn't want these types of games to get a huge amount of attention.

These types of games were abundant on Vita but since it was a failed device Sony didn't mind as it provided filler they didn't provide themselves. PS4 on the hand is a completely different story.

gamer78048d ago

It's not about AO ratings, it's self censorship, these games would still be rated M like their predecessors that used to be allowed

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Muzikguy8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I don't like this and I don't like their response to it. There are ratings for a reason. It's not Sony's job to protect kids this is just some excuse to some other answer they don't want to say. They need to change this stance or it will not be pretty for them. Bad publicity right here. I don't see it changing but it needs to

ginganinja8d ago

The thing is there are different ratings regulations in different countries. If a game satisfies as many of those regulations from the start then less changes are going to be needed later on.
It means it'll be cheaper in the long run for a small dev to sell to a wider market - and wont be met with 'oh god it's ruined, they had to cut those 2 seconds, I'm not buying it anymore.'

And anyway, like anything, things change and having boundaries means you have something to push against. I'm sure folks have not jerked off to their last anime tit.

BVFTW8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Sony is not the taste police, we already have a rating system and parental control, however, they can improve their PSN online market in a way that people can tailor their experience choosing what kind of content they want to see advertised on the market, for example, either if you are offended with adult material or you're setting up a kids account, you should be able to choose to block the kind of material you consider "sensible". That way, everybody wins. The same could be said with the games, through your console "Content options" so flip a switch and you'll experience the rated or the unrated version of a mature or adult game.

It's a shame that the actual approach is anti-consumer and enforcing the taste and political views of whoever is in charge of reviewing the game. That makes them look hypocrite as the last of us 2 (game that I'm looking forward) is guilty of a lot of thing of depicting a lot of tropes that can hurt the sensibilities of a lot of people, and Sony advertises that game every time they can.

Double standards are not cool. Or we stand together or we see this spreading and becoming more and more common on other platforms.

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SegaGamer9d ago

Protect kids?.........that has to be one of the most laughable excuses I have ever heard, especially when you have murder, terrorism, drug use and swearing in pretty much every major game. Sony themselves create games that have all of these things. Bloody hypocrites.

rainslacker8d ago

That's what I think.

I really hope this blows up in their face. I want to see a huge push by the community directed at Sony. I want their paying customers to actually go and make a fuss. We're more important than these global standards which don't even exist.

They are trying to placate these social media a**holes who don't buy their games and give them grief over the games over these games. But they're still going to get it for the content they themselves make, and anyone really think they're going to tell R* that they can't put this content on their system? LOL, yeah sure, R* is one of the few publishers which would destroy them in the press, because unlike Bethesda, they have real influence.

Sony are going to be hypocritical here. It's going to happen. It's already happening. Sony has never shied away from violence, gore, or nudity/sexual content on its system, so this sudden change seems aimed more at a specific kind of game, but I bet people won't be so happy when it happens with a western game where people can't just say its kiddie porn. But $10 says they don't do that, because they know better, and those niche games which sell 100K copies aren't as important as the ones that sell in the millions, because no one really pays that much attention to these niche games.

This kind of sh*t pisses me off, so here's hoping that people actually fight this. They've criticized Sony over some of the stupidest sh*t this gen which didn't matter one bit, but now they have something really worth taking Sony to task over, and its barely getting any press.

dumahim8d ago

Gotta protect them from nipples. That's why cell phones were invented. To keep them from looking down at their own chest out of boredom.

sscamaro20108d ago

Forgive me, but that is what communists use to advance their agenda.

Segata8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I remember as a kid and I mean like 5th grade we called one another a c**ksucker and said F**k a lot. Real kids swear. It happens. Nothing will stop that. Sony is fooling themselves with that comment.

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Switch4One9d ago

Protect kids? Isn't that what age restrictions on games are for?

FlyingFoxy8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Nobody pays attention to age ratings, evident by hearing kids screaming over mics in mature rated games. A lot of double standards going on in the comments on this site.

Asuka8d ago

The burden is then placed on the authority figure for said child. The ESRB did their job. Parents, or people for that matter, need to stop blaming everyone/everything else and start taking some responsibility for their shortcomings. Be it parenting or what have you. If you choose not to heed warnings or ratings that are clearly there for you to make informed decisions, but instead insist on remaining ignorant you only have yourself to blame.

DJStotty8d ago

Thats where parenting standards come into place. If parents want their kids to play games they shouldnt so be it.

RizBiz8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I saw a Reddit post last week about some wanker talking about his 8-year-old kid playing Fortnite. Terrible parents don't care about age ratings.
That being said, it isn't the publisher's job to censor content, it's the parent's job to keep mature content out of the hands of children.

pcz8d ago

Videogames as an art form is still in its infancy. Obviously gaming is still something that is considered to be mainly for children.

on_line_forever8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

How you get all these likes on your comment ? This not normal at all

I agree with Sony we need to protect kid's

ocelot078d ago

Yup that is exactly what it's for. But sadly parents these days don't care what there kids play. They only take notice when something bad happens and instead of taking the blame they blame the game THEY allowed there child to play spite the age restriction.

I don't agree with Sony doing this. They should not have to be parents for every kid that owns a playstation.

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Aura75418d ago

"Oh won't anyone please think of the children!" is the laziest excuse I've heard for censorship. I'm not sure if Sony is being completely incompetent or using that excuse to handwave away the legitimate criticisms against their policy.

There's a far simpler way to tackle the children 'issue'. You simply make sure the parents know how to make educated purchases so that their kids don't end up playing games with content not fit for them. This is what Nintendo did following up to the Switch's launch:

It is a perfect solution? No. However, it's far more efficient and less overbearing than the solution Sony is pulling.

ninsigma8d ago

Aren't the games in question not for kids?? Once you've put the appropriate age rating on the box as dictated by the age rating board then your responsibility is done. Don't start this BS of telling developers what can and can't be in their games.

Aura75418d ago

It's a very contradictory statement by Sony. The games that they have been censoring have/will have an M rating in NA or a C (15+)/D (17+) rating in Japan. How can their censorship policy's purpose be to protect kids when the games that are hit by the policy aren't even made for children in the first place?